Kobe "Meat" as Mavs Continue to Play with their Food

Adam AmickSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2007

IconKobe Bryant got a one-game suspension for smacking an opponent in the face as he came down from a shot last week.  Tonight he and his once-mighty Lakers got smacked down by the Juggernaut SS Dallas Mavericks.


It's almost not even fair anymore... At this point, Dallas is the kid who doesn't want to eat their slimy peas just playing with their food.


Sure, let the other team's star player have 25 or 35 points... Whatever makes them feel good.  Because that's about all they'll have to look back on. Kobe had a point more than Dallas' top-scorer Josh Howard... It just comes down to the rest of the team that makes the difference.


Next highest-scorer for the Lakers: Kwame Brown with 10 points.


Five Mavericks scored 10 or more - Dirk only had 19. A slow night that doesn't matter when you're the best TEAM in the NBA.


Let me check, because I've lost track of how many in a row this is...


Oh, that's number 17.