DeAngelo Hall-Perplexing But Not a Train Wreck

gordon calhounCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

Today, the Washington Redskins signed CB DeAngelo Hall, late of the Atlanta Falcons by way of Oakland Raiders.  My first reaction to this signing was nothing but shear panic.  The Redskins under the Dan Synder administration have had a history of signing high profile free agents that bomb, badly.  This off-season was a refreshing change as management actually sat still for once.  But things began to unravel as Synder's finger got itchy.  First was Jason Taylor, then Sean Alexander and now this.

This signing may not be as bad as fans think.  Yes Hall is a time bomb.  However, the contract he signed was for just 2008, that is, eight games.  The Redskins' defense is playing very well, but it is hurting in the secondary.  Sean Springs is out and Fred Smoot is no longer an every down CB.  Carlos Rodgers is playing out of his mind and if he can actually catch a ball for an actual interception, he will be in the Pro Bowl.  

Furthermore, Hall could be tapped for punt returns.  Randel El is not producing at that position.  The Redskins were forced to use Moss in the Lions' close call to get the special teams moving.  Moss can only do so much.

So, this signing is not so bad.  If it doesn't work out, cut him.  If he gets out of line, I am sure London Fletcher will put him up against the wall.