Why the Houston Rockets Will Not Be NBA Champions

Francis HContributor INovember 7, 2008

I moved to Houston last April, and I must say, they love their Rockets here. Although this is great, sometimes I wish people in the Bay Area did the same to the Warriors. But, most of them only ridiculed me when they learned that I was a Warriors fan...until they became successful and everyone jumped in the Bandwagon. Now with Davis gone, I feel lonely again...I always stressed that, except for a few other loyal fans, we "truly" believed!

But let's talk, Rockets. The huge buzz in the offseason was of course the trade that sent Ron Artest to Houston for Bobby Jackson and change. That was when people were suddenly saying the Rockets will be champions this year. I believe that they are better this year, but for them to be champions, that is really looking at the glass half full. It is difficult because people expect me to agree with them.

By just looking at the team itself, and not looking at the other 10 Western Conference teams that are as good/better than them, here is my opinion. I'm just a guy from the outside, looking in.

Yao Ming 

He is the face of the Rockets, but so far he has shown that he is two seconds slower than everyone else. He is not a great rebounder, not a great scorer, and has absolutely no athleticism! Stats show that he is averaging 20 and 10, but their first three games were against very weak teams. I honestly think that sometimes he just slows the team down.


Tracy McGrady

Probably one of the best players in the league, but my only issue with him is that he is injury prone, and that he takes too many jumpers, rather than drive to the basket. His reputation as being lazy and not caring is all crap. People say that because he just looks like it physically. I feel for him, because people say the same things to me.


Ron Artest

The third of the "Big Three." He is great when he is making his shots, but the problem is, when he is missing shots, he will not stop taking them. The key here is to use his excellent defensive skills and hope that he does not get trigger happy. He must think like the Rodman of the Jordan era Bulls, which is a specialist. So far, he is only shooting close to 30 percent in the field, which is the part where you tell him to stop shooting.

Rafer Alston

Skip To My Loo has greatly (and I mean GREATLY!) improved since four years ago when he was trying out in the Warriors training camp. Back then, he could not hit a 15 foot jumper even if his life depended on it. I can say that he can hit it now, but he still needs to be a shooting threat. This is probably the reason why they don't run the pick n' roll all day with Yao Ming...I mean, it is the easiest play in the world.


Brent Barry

What can I say, he can shoot the three...the problem is, that's all he can do.


Luis Scola

He is probably the most consistent player on this team along with Carl Landry.

I still end up cheering for the Rockets from time to time as they are my home team right now, but I just squint at the idea of them being champions. Honestly, I think the Lakers will be the champs, and the Rockets will be fourth in the West behind New Orleans and Utah. But then again, it is just my opinion.