5 Big-Name Transfers Who Won't Crack the Starting XI for Their New Team

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIAugust 3, 2011

5 Big-Name Transfers Who Won't Crack the Starting XI for Their New Team

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    The transfer window always brings about expectations. As players move to new clubs, there are hopes for a player to come in and fill a gap in a team's starting lineup.

    Sometimes big names do not always make the impact that they are supposed to, though.

    Last season, Joe Cole was a coveted player and Liverpool won his signature. When Cole got to Anfield, their supporters were sorely disappointed with the player they saw.

    Here is a list of five players that attracted a lot of attention but quite possibly may not be able to make the impact that their teams are hoping for. These five players possibly could not even break the starting XI.

Phil Jones

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    The highly coveted youngster signed with Manchester United from Blackburn Rovers this summer.

    Sir Alex Ferguson has the ability to make wonderful signings, bringing players from no where into stardom over night.

    Phil Jones is not exactly in that category as he is a prospect that many fans and teams had on their radar, but no one is expecting Jones to come to the Red Devils and make an instant impact.

    Sir Alex Ferguson believes in Jones’s ability and said to Inside United, "He was absolutely magnificent. You might think he might not play, but the ability he's got and the determination he's got, he could quite easily play. He's the future obviously, but he could certainly come in right away."

    That is steep praise from one of the best managers in the game of football now.

    Phil Jones has to sit behind Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand, two of the best centerbacks in the world. To overcome them and achieve a starting place may just be too hard for the young English international. 

Wes Brown

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    Wes Brown, a former Manchester United centerback is playing for a different team besides the Red Devils for the first time in his career.

    Brown is a fully capable player that can grab a spot in Sunderland’s starting lineup. Steve Bruce has faith in the 31-year-old defender.

    It is not his talent that will hold him back from the Black Cats starting XI, it is his frailty.

    He is not in his prime anymore, but his defensive positioning, when healthy, will have him in the starting XI.

    His strength and aggressive style causes him injuries over the course of the season. With the chance to play everyday, more bumps and bruises will come, making it hard for him to cement himself permanently in Steve Bruce’s side.

Brad Friedel

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    Brad Friedel, the experienced American, is fully expected to be Tottenham’s number one. There are two obstacles standing in his way at this point in time.

    Heurelho Gomes still being on Tottenham at this point in time is a big challenge for the former American goalkeeper.

    The second thing standing in Friedel’s way is Harry Redknapp’s strange faith in Gomes. Even when Gomes was making mistakes and fans were calling for him to be pulled from the lineup, Gomes stayed as the number one.

    Gomes is a talented keeper and as long as he is with Tottenham, Friedel’s place in the starting XI is not a sure thing.

Sergio Aguero

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    Sergio Aguero is a very talented Argentinian striker, but for all his talent, he will not make the starting XI at Manchester City due to Mancini’s rotation of strikers.

    Manchester City has one guarantee: if he is healthy, the City captain Carlos Tevez will be playing.

    After him there is Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko for Aguero to contend with.

    There is also the possibility of Emmanuel Adebayor being there for Aguero to contend with as well.

    To expect Aguero to be a figure in the starting XI is a very tough thing to imagine.

    Aguero will get time, but his place is in no way guaranteed with the talent Manchester City has.

Alexis Sanchez

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    Alexis Sanchez’s move this summer was one of the most followed transfer stories early in the window. After the Chilean chose to sign with Barcelona, the saga was finished and the questions began.

    The playmaking forward certainly can fit very well in the Barcelona system and will bring even more flare to a team that sparkles at times like the best fireworks China has to offer, but does his quality earn him a spot in the starting XI?

    He will certainly have a role in the squad and it will be as a starter from time to time, but more likely as a sub.

    Alexis Sanchez will get plenty of playing time in his first season with the Catalan club, but he will not be ripping the door down and forcing his way into the starting XI. There just is too much firepower already with the La Liga and Champions league winners.

    One thing is for sure with Alexis Sanchez and his future at Barcelona, he has made the squad that much more exciting and many would not have thought he could possibly do that.