Golden State Warriors: 10 Candidates to Become Warriors' Big Man of the Future

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IAugust 3, 2011

Golden State Warriors: 10 Candidates to Become Warriors' Big Man of the Future

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    If this last NBA season were a party, it would have been about someone's first college party.

    A lot of fun, you'd been to the same kind of party before, but this one was new and exciting.

    Just like the last NBA season, new players emerged in Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose among others and others changed teams altering the landscape of the NBA. It signaled the start of a new era.

    It was so much fun it went by in a flash. It even ended well with the Dallas Mavericks upsetting the Miami Heat. I'll let you decipher what would make for a great end to a party.

    If this is true, then this NBA Lockout is equivalent to the morning after, about as much fun as you would feel after that party.

    However the lockout has to end sometime as it can't go on forever and with the excitement of this small window of NFL free agency it gives NBA fans a little light of the NBA lockout tunnel as there is something to look forward to.

    As soon as the NBA can figure things out, still can't believe that they just met for the first time since the NBA entered a lockout, why not be working around the clock to get this done? David Stern and Billy Hunter really have higher priorities than this?

    What else can we do, but dream about the transactions that should be happening and as soon as this lockout ends, the Warriors should be looking to add some pieces in this next free agency period, most notably a big man.

    Here are potential candidates to become the next (only) big man for the Golden State Warriors.

1. Dwight Howard

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    Put Dwight Howard and the next few guys under the dream scenario, as nothing else is going on in the NBA right now we can only dream about what could be, which includes the start of the season.

    The Warriors have been without a center since the beginning of time it seems and if there is even the smallest of chance that they would be able to acquire Howard, I say make everyone available.

    Howard led the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals just two years ago alongside Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis as the main contributors, so if the Warriors pair Howard with at least Curry, Thompson and Wright/Udoh they at least would be able to make some noise in the playoffs.

    It's a long shot at best, but there is no harm in trying.

2. Tyson Chandler

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    In a perfect world the Warriors would have around $17 million of cap room cleared for this off season and would be getting the chance to at least overpay for Tyson Chandler. This is a big man with the capacity to help the Warriors breakthrough that glass ceiling-- making it to the NBA playoffs.

    However, with an uncertain NBA future and Mark Cuban's wallet this may only be a dream.

    Chandler would be an ideal fit for this Warriors team as a dominant defensive big man, whose lack of offense could actually turn into a plus for this team.

    With new salary restrictions to come Warrior fans can only hope Cuban won't be able to break the bank and not be able to re-sign him. Here's to a hard salary cap.

3. DeAndre Jordan

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    DeAndre Jordan is an emerging center in this league that is set to become a restricted free agent with the Los Angeles Clippers.

    I would be shocked if the Clippers didn't match any offer that is sent Jordan's way, but that doesn't mean the Warriors shouldn't take a look at stealing away a division rivals emerging player.

    Jordan is looking like he will be a legitimate if not very good starting center in this league for a long time.

4. Marc Gasol

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    In the same boat as Deandre Jordan, although with the amount of money that the Memphis Grizzlies are paying Zach Randolph, Rudy Gay, and Mike Conley any team might have a chance that Memphis won't be able to afford him.

    An emerging center who really broke out last season, would fill a gigantic hole in the middle of the Warriors lineup.

    Once the new salary rules are in place the Warriors should take a look at what it would take to bring him to the Bay.

5. Brook Lopez

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    If the New Jersey Nets are serious about adding Dwight Howard to pair with Deron Williams, then trading Brook Lopez for Monta Ellis would make a whole lot of sense.

    It would make sense for the Warriors too, adding a big man like Lopez who could use a change of scenery, especially by coming back to the Bay Area where he played his college ball, could get him back on track.

    Although he had a down year last season, Lopez has the tools to become an elite center in this league. If New Jersey makes him available, assuming the Warriors are willing to part with certain players, Lopez could end up being the Warriors center for years to come.

6. Nene Hilario

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    The acquisition of Nene Hilario is actually very possible and makes a ton of sense.

    The Denver Nuggets have a lot of talent and they can’t afford to pay everyone, plus they tried to work out an extension with Nene and couldn't get anything done which may cause him to bolt.

    He is quick and physical and would be a great fit alongside David Lee and he would give the Warriors the presence they are looking for to plug up the middle of their defense. 

7. Samuel Dalembert

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    This is how depleted the big men are in the NBA right now-- Samuel Dalembert is going to command big NBA dollars next year.

    That and the Warriors would be actually lucky to get him.

    Dalembert has averaged eight points and eight rebounds for his career to go with nearly two blocks a game. Those numbers are good, but not $12 million a year good.

    He won't defend anyone that is not in the paint and he is just as likely to get a defensive three-second in the lane call or a goal tend than he is to get a rebound or a block.

    He is, however, one of the only true centers available. With the limited options available this summer he will be paid handsomely and for better or worse it could be by the Warriors.

8. Jeremy Tyler

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    Jeremy Tyler would take a lot longer to contribute than any other player on this list, but he may very well become the next great big man for the Golden State Warriors.

    It was a great move that the Warriors paid to acquire the rights to a player who is just two years removed from being one of the top high school prospects in the country.

    However, he slid into the second round for a reason.

    His learning curve is going to be steep, but if he can turn out to be what some thought he could be years ago, then the Warriors not only have a steal, but their big man of the future.

    He will be an intriguing prospect to watch in the next few years.

9. Chuck Hayes

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    Not being talked about at all really, I think Chuck Hayes is one of the most underrated players in the league.

    At 6'6" he is undersized for sure at center, but he makes up for that in his ability to defend in the post, plus he rebounds very well, will take a charge, and is an excellent passer.

    Hayes had at least three assists in 35 games last year, he even had a triple double last year against, yep, the Warriors. With his passing ability, imagine what he could do with Ellis and Curry cutting to the hoop, or working in the high post with David Lee. Hayes is also and is a great team defender.

    He is limited offensively, but again with this offense is that really going to matter? The Warriors could do a lot worse than signing Chuck Hayes this off-season. For instance sticking with this next guy...

10. Andris Biedrins

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    I would have taken that Houston Rockets offer of Jordan Hill and Hasheem Thabeet for Andris Biedrins, especially if it meant that they couldn't have re-signed Chuck Hayes, but it sounds like Biedrins is on the Warriors to stay.

    If Mark Jackson thinks that he can work some magic with this guy, then I hope that his is right. Biedrins might be able to turn things around without having any influence under the Nellie regime, but if he gets even worse, if that's possible, then the Warriors are stuck paying him $27 million over the next three years. At least when he is in that contract year he would become valuable.

    Biedrins progress is going to be just as important as anything else that transpires with next years Warriors team as soon as the NBA is back on track.