A Dream that won't Quit: Teemu Selanne A Duck Again

Abby PondAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2008

The past ten years have seen an outbreak of free agent short-term NHL contract deals as talent-strapped teams desperately grasp for the Cup.

What's more, it's not necessarily high-demand players at the top of their game; it's men who had already decided to hang up their skates.

The short list includes Ray Bourque, Dave Andreychuk, Dominik Hasek, Scott Niedermayer, and most recently Teemu Selanne.

Some of these guys, like Bourque, came back for that one final chance at the elusive Stanley Cup. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Many of these players are past their prime. Some still have what it takes, but choose to leave anyway. However, it's hard to leave the game that had been your entire life behind.

Imagine achieving your every childhood dream, your teenage hopes, your adult ambitions. Now what? The rest of your life is a big, gaping void in front of you. What do you do with it?

It's no wonder many turn back to the familiar world they love for one last shot at glory. Let them do their victory lap, and get their legs under them for the new challenges ahead.

Maybe all it takes is a little respite to rekindle that youthful passion and drive. Let's see what Selanne can bring the Ducks in the way of grit, determination, and experience.

At the very least, the Pacific division will get a little more interesting.