25 Biggest Potheads in Sports History

Matt MartinezCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2011

25 Biggest Potheads in Sports History

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    Buds, nuggets, wacky-tobaccy, stinkweed, rope, weed. No matter what you call it, marijuana is prevalent in the world of everyday Joes, and ever-present in the world of professional athletics.

    Guys get caught with it in hotel rooms, airports, their rides and NBA Rookie Symposiums, but it doesn’t divert them from smoking that fine chronic (allegedly).

    Ready yourself for the 25 Biggest Potheads in Sports History.

    *This list does not by any means suggest that marijuana use will improve your athletic ability.

25. Tim Lincecum

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    If you spend any time down at AT&T Park, you’ll see plenty of “Let Timmy Smoke” t-shirts. Hell, the guy is from the Pacific Northwest, what do you think he does during the offseason?

    In 2009, the two-time NL Cy Young Award winner was caught with 3.3 grams of marijuana on his person when he was stopped for speeding four miles north of the Oregon border.

    The Freak was slapped with a misdemeanor and a fine.

24. Michael Vick

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    Mike Vick is most famously known for running a dog fighting ring and juking defenses, but he also dabbles in the art of bong ripping. While out on bail for the aforementioned charges, Vick tested positive for marijuana during a random drug test.

23. Carmelo Anthony

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    Come on, the guy’s name is ‘Melo! Have you ever met an uppity smoker? Me either! But Anthony was cited for possession in 2004, after inspectors at the Denver International airport found weed in his backpack. Thankfully for the four-time all-star, charges were dropped as Anthony’s friend signed an affidavit claiming responsibility.

22. Michael Phelps

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    It sure is hard to remember this photo, but apparently Mary Jane makes you an incredible swimmer. In 2009, the photo surfaced and the 14-time gold medalist was busted. USA Swimming suspended the Baltimore native for all of three months and he lost his cereal deal. Ironic how being photographed with a bong can lose you a deal with a company that makes snacks.

21. Geovany Soto

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    After toiling in the obscurity that is the minor leagues, Geovany Soto had a breakout season in 2008. Named the 2008 NL Rookie of the Year, it looked as if Soto would be a staple in the Cubs’ lineup for years to come. But in 2009, Soto tested positive for marijuana at the World Baseball Classic and his numbers declined heavily the following season.  Though MLB didn’t discipline the backstopper, the International Baseball Federation banned Soto from playing internationally for two years.

20. Michael Beasley

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    It was all hearsay until June of 2011 that Mike Beasley enjoyed burning buds. After a couple of incidents, Beasley denied any use at all until he was pulled over with a dime bag last month. 

19. Bill Walton

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    Come on, the guy loves The Grateful Dead and Phish. Walton might be more affiliated with tie-dye than Bob Marley. The hippie turned basketball legend (or is it the other way around) was never charged with possession but check out his lackadaisical demeanor in this clip.

18. Josh Howard

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    The 31 year-old Washington Wizard basically “outed” the entire NBA during an interview with Michael Irvin. Howard admitted to blazing it up during the off-season, but stood firmly that he doesn’t smoke “in season.”

17. Randy Moss

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    It doesn’t matter who you ask, Randy Moss was one of the best wide receivers the NFL has ever seen. His ability to man-handle defensive backs was unmatched and his deep-threat playmaking was unrivaled.

    Randy, did have a hard time with self-control. After a battery charge in 1996, Moss failed a drug test and subsequently lost his scholarship to Florida State. In 2001, Moss tested positive again and during an interview in 2005 the seven-time Pro Bowler admitted to smoking both during the season but “predominantly in the offseason.”  

16. Dmitri Young

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    Dmitri Young looks like a dude who doesn’t miss a meal, or a heavy arsenal of snacks. Apparently, his appetite is fueled by mass quantities of weed. In 2006, Young went to re-hab for his alcohol and substance abuse and in 2010, Young was arrested for possession. I guess you don’t balloon to 275 lbs. without some kind of dietary supplement.

15. Santonio Holmes

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    Somewhat quietly, the sticky-handed wide out, Holmes, was caught with the sticky icky in 2008. The incident forced Holmes to miss a game and his romance with Mary Jane seemed foiled. But in 2010, Holmes tweeted it was time to “wake n bake.” The Jet receiver claimed his account had been hacked and the incident evaporated.

14. Allen Iverson

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    During AI’s heyday, he may have been the most exciting player on the hardwood.  His killer crossover may have dropped MJ, but he couldn’t shake the police in 1997. While speeding late night in Philadelphia, Iverson was caught with a little herb and was sentenced to community service and three years of probation.

13. Rasheed Wallace

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    Sheed is a different kind of dude. He’s sparked feuds with rappers, teammates and opponents but he also likes to spark up a doobie every now and again. After a game in Portland, he and teammate Damon Stoudamire were pulled over for speeding. When they rolled down the window, a cloud of smoke resembling the cloud circling Peanut’s character Pig-pen came wafting into the officers face.  They weren’t known as the “Jailblazers” for nothing.

12. Chris Webber

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    Fab-five member and flat-shotted Chris Webber was one of the NBA’s best power forwards in the late 90’s and early 2000’s before his knees began giving him trouble.

     In 1998, on the way to the MCI Center for practice Webber was charged with a myriad of crimes (including possession of and driving under the influence of marijuana) but was acquitted and paid a fine to clear his name.

     Later that same year, C Webb was on a promotional tour in Puerto Rico. While going through customs, weed was found in his bag and he had to pay another fine. 

11. Isaiah JR Rider

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    I don’t know about you, but when I think about JR Rider, I think about the “East Bay Funk Dunk” which propelled him to Slam Dunk Contest glory. Others may remember him as a lover of natural herb. Rider reportedly was caught with weed on three separate occasions in the mid 90’s.

10. Bam Morris

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    Byron “Bam” (don’t call me Bammer) Morris may have spent a few seasons in the NFL, but where he was really doing work was in the world of drug trafficking.

    In June of 1996, Morris was found with four kilos of Mary Jane and a gram of cocaine during a traffic stop for which he received community service and six years probation. Later, while playing with Kansas City, Morris did more than carry the football for the Chiefs, he carried more than 100 kilos of weed to random buyers all over the city. The offense led to 30 months in prison. Upon release, Morris was caught again and received a dime in the Texas prison system.

9. Ross Rebagliati

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    I’m sure you just shocked to find a professional snowboarder on the countdown, but here he is: gold medalist Ross Rebagliati. The giant slalom expert was found to have THC in his circulatory system and was subsequently disqualified from medal contention. The decision to strip Rebagliati of his medal was overturned because marijuana did not appear on the banned substance list.

8. Rob Van Dam

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    The world of professional wrestling is allegedly littered with drugs. From steroids to cocaine to did I say steroids yet? But who would think marijuana? I’ll tell you who: Rob Van Dam.  In 2006, Van Dam was caught with 18 grams of marijuana and five Vicodins and pled guilty to possession.

7. Mark Stepnoski

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    NFL centers tend to get overlooked on the field and Mark Stepnoski was no exception. The five-time pro bowler and member of the 1990’s All Decade Team played with passion, but who knew his real passion lied elsewhere? Not only does Mark support 9/11 conspiracy, but also is a huge advocate in the legalization of his favorite recreational drug: pot.

6. Udonis Haslem

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    Man, these guys just don’t seem to get it. If you don’t speed, you won’t get caught with all that cannabis in your car. How appropriate that a member of the Miami Heat loves to burn roach while driving. In 2010, Haslem was pulled over with 20 grams of herb and charged with four counts of possessing drug paraphernalia with intent to use.

5. Corie Blount

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    This one is too easy. Corie “Pass the” Blount (sic) was an NBA journeyman turned legitimate pusher. In 2008, Blount was arrested for possession. And Blount didn’t have a dime bag; Blount was caught with 29 pounds of hash.

    In 2009, Blount pled guilty and received a year in jail and was slapped with a $10,000 fine. Corie claimed in court that the weed was for personal use at which point the judge snapped back, “Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much.”

4. Lance Mackey

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    Man, does this guy look like a stereotypical smoker, or what? Lance Mackey is a dog musher. He’s won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race four times and the Yukon Quest four times as well. Funny when you think about the lung capacity necessary to race 1000 miles through the snow.

3. Todd Marinovich

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    “Marijuana-vich” is an example of what not to do, kids. Touted as one of the most promising quarterback prospects in decades, Marinovich simply had no self-control. Despite drinking and smoking heavily in high school, Marinovich earned a full scholarship to USC. Unfortunately for him, Rodney Peete had the job snapped up and Marinovich red-shirted.

    The following year, Marinovich had a disappointing spring and was slated behind Pat O’Hara. O’Hara injured his leg before the first game, though and Marinovich got the nod.

    After some moments of brilliance sprinkled with plenty of controversy, Marinovich entered the 1991 draft and was selected by the then Los Angeles Raiders in the first round. Two years and three failed drug tests later, Marinovich was out of the NFL for good. Later, in 1997, Marinovich was arrested on suspicion of growing marijuana and served two months in jail.

2. Nate Newton

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    Nate Newton was a staple in the Dallas Cowboys offensive line in the 1990’s. The six-time Pro Bowler blocked for Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman en route to three Super Bowls.

    Newton’s troubles began in 2001 after he had been retired for two years. While traveling through Louisiana, Newton was stopped with 213 pounds of weed. To make matters worse, five weeks later, Newton was pulled over with another 175 pounds of herb. Totaling 388 pounds, the haul nearly equaled the lineman’s weight and Newton served 30 months in a federal prison.

1. Ricky Williams

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    And now, I present to you, The Stickiest of the Icky: Ricky Williams. After an illustrious college career at Texas, Ricky was drafted by the New Orleans Saints. After a couple of thousand yard seasons and a short stint with the Miami Dolphins, Ricky retired at the ripe old age of 27.

    He suffered from clinical depression and social anxiety disorder and it seemed as if we would never hear from the man again. Rumors flew that he had failed three drug tests (all marijuana-related) and Ricky decided he would spend his time studying Ayurveda (an ancient Indian system of holistic medicine) in weed metropolis Northern California.

    But Ricky got bored and he returned to football one year later. Then he got bored again and failed a fourth drug test and the NFL suspended him for the entire 2006 season and was forced to play in the more weed-friendly CFL.  Subsequently, he got bored again and returned to the NFL .