WWE SummerSlam: The 20 Loveliest Divas in SummerSlam History

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistAugust 3, 2011

WWE SummerSlam: The 20 Loveliest Divas in SummerSlam History

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    On this week's Monday Night Raw, Beth Phoenix outlasted 11 other fighting Divas from both brands in a chaotic over-the-rope battle royal to earn contender-ship for the Divas Championship against Kelly Kelly at SummerSlam. Until last night, the Divas haven't competed on the live SummerSlam card for nearly three years, where the Women's Championship was defended in an inter-gender tag team match.

    With the biggest blockbuster of the summer approaching quickly, WWE.com has since released candid beach photos of all your favorite past and present Divas, which sure does bring back the heat in the summer season. However, which one of these lovely ladies can be named the sexiest of the summer to ever participate at a SummerSlam event?

    Remember, WWE has a thing for excluding the sexy, smart, and powerful WWE Divas from the card each year, so please keep in mind there wasn't much of a list to choose from. Unfortunately, infamous names such as Chyna and Sensational Sherri were bumped from my list of choices, but I don't think anyone is complaining.

    Please note the following is from my personal opinion, as I'm sure each and every one of you have your own standards for attractive Divas. Make sure to voice your thoughts below on the list and how it could be improved. Enjoy!

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20. Luna Vachon

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    Luna Vachon made her first SummerSlam appearance in 1994, managing Bull Nakano during her match with Alundra Blayze over the Women's Championship. After departing WWF shortly after, Vachon returned from injury in 1999 at SummerSlam, confronting Women's Champion Ivory.

    However, during both reigns with the company, Vachon was never able to compete on the actual card, despite her popularity with Goldust. Sadly, Vachon passed away last summer, and will certainly be missed.

19. Alundra Blayze

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    Upon Alundra Blayze's arrival in WWF, the Women's Champion was soon reinstated for the first time since 1990. Blayze was brought in to strengthen the dying division, winning the prestigious championship in a tournament held towards the end of 1993.

    At SummerSlam 1994, Blayze successfully defended her title against Bull Nakano, only to lose it to her a few months later in Japan. Blayze regained the title the followed April, but suffered a nose injury in story-line in order to be written off television.

    In her return match at SummerSlam 1995, Blayze lost her championship to her attacker, Bertha Faye, and defeated her two months later in a rematch to emerge victorious as a three-time Women's Championship. Soon after, Blayze signed with the rival promotion, World Championship Wrestling. Blayze brought her belt with her and controversially tossed it in the garbage, and reverted back to her original ring name, Madusa. 

18. Jacqueline

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    Jacqueline debuted with the WWF in the summer of 1998, engaged in an on-air relationship with Marc Mero whilst feuding with fan favorite, Sable. During the feud, a bikini contest was held between Moore and Sable, with Moore picking up the victory following Sable's disqualification.

    The rivalry came to a climax in an inter-gender tag team match at that year's SummerSlam, with Jacqueline and Mero coming up short to Sable and her announced partner, Edge. Shortly afterwards, Jacqueline would defeat Sable to win her first Women's Championship.

    Shockingly, this contest would be Moore's only participation in the event during her six-year tenure with the company. Currently, she's involved in an angle with ODB and Velvet Sky over respect in Impact Wrestling. 

17. The Kat

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    Although her time with the WWF was short, the former Women's Champion participated in 2000's SummerSlam event. The Kat defeated Terri in a Stinkface Match with Al Snow in her corner, a culmination of a feud that began at WrestleMania 2000. The following year, she was released from her contract due to backstage attitude.

16. Alicia Fox

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    Last summer, Alicia Fox was arguably the most dominant Diva on Raw following her Divas Championship victory at Fatal-Four Way. She defeated all challengers, including Eve, the Bellas, and Gail Kim.

    However, her biggest challenge was yet to come, as the returning Melina made her intentions for Fox's title clear, and that her days as champion were numbered. At SummerSlam, Melina emerged victorious in bout against Fox.

    Recently, it seems as if Fox has regained some of her momentum, picking up a handful of victories on WWE Superstars and SmackDown. 

15. Ivory

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    Ivory made her debut in early 1999 and quickly climbed the ladder to success by capturing the Women's Championship only a few months later. She would go on to successfully defend the gold against Tori in her first SummerSlam appearance.

    Following an angle with Right to Censor and enjoying two more reigns as Women's Champion, Ivory officially departed from the WWE in 2005.

14. Miss Elizabeth

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    Miss Elizabeth was historically the first ever WWF Diva to participate at SummerSlam, taking part in the inaugural event's main event between the Mega Powers and the Mega Bucks. During the contest, Miss Elizabeth ripped off her skirt to distract the referee and lead her team to victory, becoming one of the most memorable moments in SummerSlam history.

    The following year, Elizabeth managed the team of Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake in the main event, with counter-part rival Sensational Sherri on the opposite side.

13. Michelle McCool

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    It's also surprising to realize that Michelle McCool has only competed at one SummerSlam over the course of her near decade-long career in WWE. Her SummerSlam moment came in 2007, competing in an over-the-top-rope battle royal with fellow WWE Divas from all three brands to determine a number one contender to the Women's Championship. McCool lasted until the final two before being eliminated by Beth Phoenix.

    Fast forward four years later. McCool has since enjoyed four collective reigns as Women's Champion and Divas Champion. She recently retired from in-ring competition this past May to spend more time at home with her husband, the Undertaker.

12. Beth Phoenix

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    In 2007, Beth Phoenix made an immediate impact upon her return from a brutal injury that sidelined her for a lengthy period of time. At that year's SummerSlam, Beth emerged victorious against every other Diva on the roster to earn herself a future championship match against the Women's Champion, Candice Michelle.

    The following year, Phoenix teamed with her on-screen boyfriend Santino Marella to capture her second Women's Championship in an inter-gender tag match. This year, the Glamazon looks to extend her winning streak at the biggest blockbuster of the summer by capturing her first Divas Championship from Kelly Kelly.

11. Brooke

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    Also competing in 2007's Battle Royal was then ECW star Brooke, who is best known for her days as a member of the Extreme Expose. Although she was eliminated first, Brooke certainly looked good in defeat.

    Currently, the former Hooters waitress competes as Miss Tessmacher in Impact Wrestling, reigning as one-half of the organization's Knockout Tag Team Champions.

10. Christy Hemme

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    Christy Hemme won a WWE contract as part of the ever-so popular Diva Search competition in 2004, and competed on RAW for her entire two year tenure. Her only SummerSlam appearance came in 2005, managing Eugene in his defeat against Kurt Angle.

    Hemme has since retired from in-ring competition due to a series injury suffered a few years back, and now serves as Impact Wrestling's lead backstage interviewer and ring announcer. 

9. Melina

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    As of now, Melina is currently the only Diva on the WWE roster to have stayed with the company for more than five years. Her premiere SummerSlam appearance came in 2006, taking part in the "I Quit" match between Mick Foley and Ric Flair, earning match of the night.

    Melina would also compete in the number one contender Battle Royal the following year, however, coming up unsuccessful. Three years later, Melina returned from an eight-month hiatus due to injury and defeated Alicia Fox to win her second Divas Championship.

    Since then, Melina has turned heel and become the most misused Diva in the company today.

8. Mickie James

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    Being the top star in the Divas division for nearly five years, it comes as a shock that Mickie James only participated in one SummerSlam event. She was one of the beautiful participants in the tri-branded battle royal in 2007, coming up short to Beth Phoenix.

    Today, James reigns as TNA's Knockout Champion. She is the first ever Diva to accomplish such a feat.

7. Maria

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    Much like the previous aforementioned Divas, Maria was also a contestant in the Battle Royal at 2007's SummerSlam event. Despite being advertised on the poster, Maria did not participate at 2008's event.

    It wasn't until two years later that the once Playboy cover girl returned to the biggest blockbuster of the summer, managing Dolph Ziggler in his loss against then Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio.

    At the time, there were rumors speculating a full-fledged Maria heel turn, but the couple soon split up two months later. Maria has since been released, leaving Vickie Guerrero to take her place as Ziggler's eye candy.

6. Lita

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    As the most controversial Diva to make the list, Lita made her SummerSlam debut in 2000, managing her fellow Team Xtreme members Jeff and Matt Hardy in their infamous TLC Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships. Taking part in such a match has made her known as one of the most extreme, daredevil Divas to ever come through the WWE.

    Four years later, Lita became the awaited prize in the "Till Death Do Us Part" match between Kane and her initial lover, Matt Hardy. Although Hardy came up short, the real drama was yet to come between the couple.

    In 2005, Lita's reputation took a turn for the worse when she was caught cheating on real-life boyfriend Matt Hardy with the Rated-R Superstar himself, Edge. The realistic feud came to a culmination in a bout between Edge and Hardy at SummerSlam, with the Master Manipulator emerging victorious.

    Her love angle continued with Edge for another year, aiding him in his WWE title defense against John Cena, while reigning as Women's Champion nonetheless. Lita would go on to drop the title at Survivor Series and retire from pro wrestling due to the derogatory remarks towards her angle with Matt at an all time high. 

5. Marlena (Terri)

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    Those of you not familiar with the stars of the Attitude Era may not recognize Marlena, but trust me, you'll thank me after seeing her attached picture.

    Debuting under the moniker "Marlena", she was quickly put in an angle with Goldust upon her debut in 1996, aiding him to victory against Marc Mero. History repeated itself the following year with Goldust defeating Brian Pillman this time around. Additionally, Pillman was forced to wear Marlena's dress until he won a match in light of his loss.

    Three years later, Marlena returned to the biggest blockbuster of the summer under her real name Terri, in a losing effort against The Kat in a Stinkface Match. Following an eight-year stint with the company in 2004, Terri requested and was granted her release from WWE.

4. Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly competed in her first SummerSlam event in 2007, losing the Battle Royal to determine a number one contender to the Women's Championship. Nearly four years later, Kelly Kelly will return to the Staples Center in Los Angeles as the defending Divas Champion, poised to walk out with her title intact against familiar foe Beth Phoenix.

3. Sable

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    Arguably the original Diva, Sable is known for being one of the sexiest women to ever compete in the WWE since her debut in 1996. It comes as no surprise that she was the first to pose for Playboy, leading the way for future Divas such as Ashley, Torrie Wilson and Maria to do the same.

    Sable made her SummerSlam debut only a few months following her arrival in the company, managing Marc Mero in defeat against Goldust. Her relationship with Mero would come to a slow end over the next two years, teaming with Edge to defeat her former boy toy and Jacqueline.

    The bleached blonde Diva would depart from the company soon after, only to return in 2003. At that year's SummerSlam event, she accompanied A-Train in his defeat against the Undertaker. In order to spend more time with her family, Sable would take a second leave from the WWE weeks before SummerSlam 2004.

    Ironically, she went on to marry former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar. Today, she maintains her attractive and sexy look nearly fifteen years later.

2. Torrie Wilson

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    How is it even possible that quite possibly the hottest WWE Diva in the last five years has only competed at one SummerSlam? Even then her role wasn't all that important, losing the tri-branded battle royal in 2007 while a part of the SmackDown roster.

    Wilson is most known for her appearance in Playboy, and most specifically her sexy, picture perfect body. It's a shame her true talent was never correctly utilized, never having the chance to reign as WWE Women's Champion during her tenure.

1. Trish Status

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    Quite possibly the greatest Diva to ever step through the WWE, Trish Stratus is known for beauty just as much as her success in her decade-long tenure with the company. A former seven-time Women's Champion, Stratus is considered the "Diva of the Decade" by many.

    Upon her debut in the wake of the new millennium, Stratus teamed with Val Venis in defeat against Eddie Guerrero and Chyna in an inter-gender tag team match, where Venis' Intercontinental Championship was up for grabs. Sadly, this would be her only appearance at the biggest blockbuster of the summer due to the lack of Diva matches held at the annual event.


    Keep in mind this is strictly in my opinion, but I'm also positive there's more names left off the list I may have overlooked, but don't fret. Make sure to drop a comment below for who else you believe should be removed, added, or if the list could use improvement as far as the ranking, and an additional slide will be made accordingly.

    But hey, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. GSM out.

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