Football Friday: Episode V

Brian SmithCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

Football Friday Week 10:

It's another Friday and another episode that I bring to you.

We have a new President Elect and whether or not you voted for him or not, let's hope he gets serious about the NFL Network and the cable company dispute that's been going on. Seriously, who doesn't want to watch football all day on Sunday?

Where to start? Al Davis, showing signs that he might be coming out of his senility, has cut CB DeAngelo Hall. I'm not really sure who is to blame for this, Hall or defensive coordinator Rex Ryan.

If you just heard the phone ringing, that's Jerry Jones calling to see when Hall can get on the next flight to Dallas.

Speaking of former Raiders: Daunte Culpepper is back in the NFL and will be wearing a Lions uniform this time. I don't think one player will be able to turn that Lions team around, but if he can just keep from making things worse, it could be something the Lions can build on for next year.

Best name cuts this week: Chad Mustard of the Broncos was released on Monday and now Denver has no more mustard for the season.  The Steelers cut punter Mitch Berger, we need some team to cut someone with the name of Bun or Buns and Ketchup, then we can have a picnic.

Amazingly, there's nothing I could find from the Police Blotter. No drinks being spit in anyone's face, no DUIs, no dog fights, no gun fights in strip clubs...hmmm maybe it's time to play the lotto.

Ok, so how did I do with my predictions from last weekends games? R is for what I got right and W is for what I got Wrong

Jets 26 - Buffalo 17  (R)
Ravens 37 - Cleveland 27  (W)
Lions 23 - Chicago 27  (R)
Cardinals 43 - St. Louis 13  (R)
Jaguars 19 - Cincinnati 21  (W)
Packers 16 - Tennessee 19  (R)
Dolphins 26 - Denver 17  (R)
Cowboys 14 - Giants 35  (R)
Patriots 15 - Indianapolis 18  (R)
Steelers 23 - Washington 6  (W)
Buccs 30 - Kansas City 27  (R)
Texans 21 - Minnesota 28  (R)
Falcons 24 - Oakland 0  (R)
Eagles 26 - Seattle 7  (R)

I don't think I did too bad. I only missed three out of the 14 games played this past weekend. As for the three that I did not get right, I was surprised by the team's that won by their game play. The Steelers, even after losing Big Ben, had Leftwich come in and had a pretty decent performance. Jaguars looked very flat at times and the Bengals took advantage of that. I just did not think the Ravens would score that many points, but they did, my hat goes off to them.

Here are my predictions for this weekends games:

Saints vs Atlanta: Drew Brees is looking to pick right back up where he left off in London and I'm sure he will come out firing after being off last week. The Falcons better not be too over confident due to last weeks shut out of the Raiders or they could find themselves in a deep hole very quickly against the Saints. Still, the Saints can score and score they will. Saints win 27 - 17

Jaguars vs Detroit: Culpepper may make his 2008 debut for the Lions this Sunday, but, I don't see it really having an impact on Detroit's season. Jacksonville will want to get over being embarrassed by the Bengals. I expect a better game from the Jaguars and it will show in the score. Jaguars win 24 - 10

Packers vs Minnesota: A must win game for both teams.  Aaron Rodgers played decently last week against a strong Titans D. The Packers will have to win this one through the air and find a way to bottle up Adrian Peterson. I think this will be a close one with the Packers barely edging this one out. Packers win 23 - 21.

Titans vs Chicago: If no Kyle Orton, then the Titans will easily be 9-0 after the game. I just can not see how Grossman would be able to handle the pressure the Titans D will bring. If Grossman is the starter, I predict 2 fumbled snaps by him before the coin toss. The Bears' offensive line will have to play flawlessly to give the Bears a chance at winning this and the Bears defense & special teams will have to score as well. Titans win 21 - 10.

Ravens vs Houston: Joe Flacco will not be facing Matt Schaub in the hurricane make up game on Sunday. Baltimore is also sporting one of the best defenses in the league and will be facing a Houston team that likes to score, but, as stated before, are missing a key element. Ravens win 28 - 14.

Panthers vs Oakland: Need there really be anything to say about this? Raiders = Bad, Panthers = Good. Panthers win 30 - 6

Chiefs vs San Diego: San Diego is coming off the bye week with a new defensive coordinator and they hope to have found their pass rush they have been missing all season long. The Chargers offense is one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. On the other hand, the Chiefs have nothing to lose and could play spoiler in this game if the Chargers lethargic defense shows up again. Chargers win 26 - 14.

49ers vs Arizona: I like Mike Singletary and what he could potentially do with this 49ers team, but, I don't see it happening this year. Arizona and Kurt Warner have been scoring some serious points and they are going to have a field day against the 49ers D. It's going to be a happy Monday night for the Cardinals. Arizona wins 34 - 20.

Bills vs Patriots: Buffalo gets my vote for Paper Tiger of the Year. They have played bad teams and under performing teams and can not beat good teams. The Patriots even with Cassell running the show are still a good team. You don't think the Patriots are mad about losing to Petyon Manning and the Colts? I see Mr. Hoodie making a statement against a divisional rival on Sunday. Patriots win 28 - 10.

Seahawks vs Miami: One of the worst offenses (Seattle) is going up against a so-so defense that is surging. That can mean only one thing, Miami's 5th win of the season. Then there's Miami having an offense that can score going up against one of the worst defenses in the league. It's a sad swan song for Coach Holmgren. Miami wins 23 - 7.

Rams vs New York Jets: Rams are still a bad team even with a new head coach. As long as Favre does not give away too many balls, the Jets should easily win this game. The Jets should run the ball more this game and keep the Rams defense on the field as long as possible. The Rams on the other hand hope that Favre is generous with the interceptions this game, but, it won't be enough. Jets win 21 - 10.

Colts vs Pittsburgh: The Colts are having some serious problems on offense and just don't seem like their old selves. The Steelers are having no problems preventing other teams from putting points on the board, which will test Mannings patience. Even if Big Ben is out and Leftwich has to play the whole game, I believe the Steelers will prevail in this match up. The Colts are just not in sync and are playing inconsistently like the Chargers. Steelers win 20 - 17.

Giants vs Philadelphia: This should be a very good game. This is the game that you make sure all the BBQ is done cooking and the beer is already nice and cold, because you don't want to miss a snap of this game. Two great defenses, two good offenses, this is going to be a chess match. This is a toss up that's going to boil down to who makes the last mistake. I'm giving the advantage to current Super Bowl Champs and the division leader Giants. Giants win 23 - 21.

That's it for this episode of Football Friday. Enjoy the games!


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