The National Flag-Football League; The New NFL

Curtis SmithContributor INovember 7, 2008

The recent fines and "illegal" hits have made the NFL to start looking at other options to protect their investments.  Their money-makers, the quarterbacks. 

Referees have blown calls, clearly missed calls and have come up with the dumbest reason on calls. 

"He put his whole weight on the quarterback," stated one referee. 

Ok, his whole weight because he tackled the guy, right?  Yes, tackled, he didn't throw him, and it wasn't a late hit, but because he drove him into the ground on a clean hit.  He gets penalized for putting too much weight on him.  I think I have heard it all now.  I've seen worse hits in my Sunday game than in the NFL, lately. 

That's because the defense isn't allowed to play the game.

Here is the newest rule in the NFL.  All quarterbacks will wear flags and red jerseys.  They will wear two flags, one on the left side and one on the right.  If one of these flags are pulled out during the play, the play is over. 

A penalty will be called if anybody on the defensive team even looks at a quarterback the wrong way.  It will be a 15-yard penalty, plus a fine of $7,500 or how ever much this "pansy" NFL decides to make it.  Don't forget the possible one game suspension, anything is possible these days. 

Some of the other possible pansy rules are:

One blitz for every four down set, you must "clearly" yell out the word blitz.  If the offense gets a first down you get another blitz.

A mandatory 10 apple-count.  One member of the defense must "clearly" yell out, one apple, two apple, three apple... and finally on 10 apple may start to pursue the quarterback.

The last one is that the offense can do just about anything to the defense including holding, which as everybody knows is never called when it should be and when it is called its called on every play. 

Look for this new rules to start in Week 11, I'm so excited to watch the new NFFL. It's going to be great.