WWE: 7 Questions Coming out of RAW

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIAugust 2, 2011

WWE: 7 Questions Coming out of RAW

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    This past Monday night, RAW was live in Indianapolis, Indiana and it was home to some change.

    It was pointed out right from the beginning of the show during CM Punk's promo that he returned to WWE to "facilitate change".  From there, Triple H came out and thus started one of the better back-and-forth promos I've seen in a while.

    The rest of RAW wasn't bad either.  There were some solid matches, some good promos and no, that doesn't include the Otunga/McGillicutty vs. Santino/Ryder tag match.

    With everything that happened, here are seven questions for the WWE Universe.

    Just a note, it doesn't include the Divas Battle Royal.  Stay tuned for that as a separate article.

Are There Plans to Separate Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero?

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    The WWE United States Champion is Dolph Ziggler.  In tow is the much-loathed Vickie Guerrero, who has taken on the role of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

    Somewhere down the road, Ziggler will be able to get out of this partnership and on his own as a main event superstar.  The guy is already a former World Champion so what more is there to get over if you are Vickie Guerrero?

    Your job is done, move on to the next budding mid-card superstar.

    Alex Riley is looking to be the new No. 1 contender (more on him later) and he interrupted Ziggler on Monday night.

    "You wanna be a real man?  Then drop her." Riley said.  "Or are you afraid that without Vickie here, you're going to be exposed for what you actually are — a bleached-blond, arrogant, fraud."

    Does a Riley/Ziggler feud spell the beginning of the end for Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler?

Is Alex Riley Ready for a Title Shot?

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    Alex Riley has been on a major push since separating from The Miz earlier this year.  He now appears to be next in line for a United States title shot and sure, he might deserve it after everything he has done up to this point, but is he really ready for it?

    Yes, he is.  The question, however, is if he has jumped the line, so-to-speak, in front of guys like Evan Bourne and Zach Ryder?

    Zack Ryder has been over with the crowd and he will be in line soon enough.  If he had the TV time, he might be US Champion right now.

    Evan Bourne has been taking bumps from the upper echelon of the WWE and sells every last move.  One of these days he will get a shot, but for now Riley has taken the trials of being in the spotlight with Miz and has taken the ball to be the next great superstar.

    The shot will likely come at Summerslam and although this slideshow is all about questions, I just answered this one with a definitive yes.  Grab the brass ring A-Ri, it's yours for the taking.

Will Zack Ryder Ever Leave My TV Again?

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    Zack Ryder has had more exposure on TV in the last two weeks than he has had in the last two months.

    The call for change has shown WWE that Ryder should be on TV forever.  It is why he is both a RAW Superstar and an Assistant to Teddy Long on SmackDown.

    The "Internet Champion" may have lost a tag match recently but he is way over with the crowd.

    Since he was off TV for so long there isn't much material to go with, but to see how Ryder earned this push, check out his videos on YouTube...broski.

    So how long before WWE takes him off TV?  It shouldn't be any time soon.

How Long Will the Miz/Mysterio Feud Last?

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    A pro wrestler once told me that if I believe I can beat up one of the guys in the ring and he is beating a guy twice my size, it loses all the realism.

    In the case of Rey Mysterio, he has been the underdog for years in the WWE, going up against guys twice his size.

    A feud with The Miz does many things for both guys.  For one, it is a feud between two former WWE Champions and both guys are relatively small.

    Miz isn't the smallest guy in the ring, but he isn't the biggest either.

    Mysterio will benefit from this feud but how long will it last?  Their match on RAW last week was great.  It was short because Mysterio had to face Cena later that night but from what was seen, Mysterio and Miz have good chemistry.  Even during the tag match on Monday, each guy complimented each other and if given the time, they may not blow the roof off the Staples Center, but they won't stink the place out either.

Will R-Truth/John Morrison's Feud Go Past Summerslam?

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    In the time R-Truth became a schizophrenic heel, John Morrison was recovering.  Now that Morrison is back, he has a lot of vengeance for his former tag-team partner.

    This match will go down at Summerslam but with R-Truth's recent push into the main event scene, will Morrison and R-Truth's go past the "Biggest Event of the Summer?"

    Based on he events of the last two weeks, these two can use an extended feud to show that they deserve more World or WWE Title matches in the future.

The WWE Title Picture

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    CM Punk is the WWE Champion.

    John Cena is the WWE Champion.

    At Summerslam, there will be only one WWE Champion as Triple H announced the main event between CM Punk and John Cena.

    CM Punk is absolutely right—he was the hottest commodity in pro wrestling when his contract expired and his balancing of storyline and real life has created buzz that the WWE hasn't seen since the Attitude Era.

    Both Punk and Cena are seen as faces right now and their match at Summerslam can be an instant classic.  Yes, Cena in an instant classic match, don't hate on that statement. Punk and Cena have good chemistry and can keep a crowd watching till the bitter end.

    The fact that both men are faces poses a toss up on who will be WWE Champion following Summerslam.

    One would think CM Punk will get rewarded for his recent work with a lengthy title reign but we are talking about taking the belt off John Cena, the poster boy of the WWE.

    Speaking of which, here is one question from last night.  That "poll" the WWE conducted last night, were all the Punk fans watching RAW because it's actually entertaining for once, or are all the women and children tuning away because Cena is being overshadowed?

    Either way, the poll was "Who is the rightful WWE Champion?".  Poll results were 54 to 46 percent in favor of John Cena.  You tell me what happened here.

Where Does Alberto Del Rio Fit in All This?

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    It looks as if Alberto Del Rio has taken a back seat to the WWE Title once again.  Originally penciled in for the main event at Summerslam, he is now taking on all the mid-card talent and showing himself to be the threat that he is.

    By the end of the year, Del Rio will cash in the briefcase and become the WWE Champion.  I am calling that right now.

    For now, however, he has a feud with Kofi Kingston developing so he can stay on TV until he cashes in.

    When will it happen?  Could it be at Summerslam?  What do you think?