WWE: Why This John Cena Fan Thinks CM Punk Needs to Win the Gold at Summerslam

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIAugust 2, 2011

The future of WWE
The future of WWEGaye Gerard/Getty Images

Hi out there in Bleacher Land!

As I wrote in a previous article, I think that the John Cena/CM Punk feud has turned out to be one of the best plots to come out in a long time. 

For the first time in a long time, I am actually riveted to the TV when these two show up on Raw. 

The reasons are varied, including the great contrast in styles, the great skill on the mic these two wrestlers have and the way it pushes the limit of kayfabe in a way that we haven't seen since the Monday Night Wars.

As of last night's Raw, Punk and Cena are set to meet at Summerslam to decide the issue.

CM Punk needs to win.

I want to state for the record that I am a big John Cena fan. 

And while I will not type here that some of the lambasting of Cena's character isn't justified, I think he doesn't get the respect he deserves as a worker and on the mic. 

But that is for another article.

Despite being a Cena fan, I feel it is time for John Cena to take a back seat for a time.

It is time for CM Punk to shine.  Here's why.

The PG Era Has Run Its Course

It is no accident that Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX and the Rock still get the pop they do (or did in the case of DX, now that HBK is no longer wrestling). 

It is also no accident that Stone Cold and The Rock have been brought back in various capacities to WWE programing.  The unspoken reality is that the PG era is wearing very thin. 

This is no surprise to those in the IWC, but even in the arenas, in the live shows, in the plots, there is a subtle feeling of moving away from PG and moving toward—well, at least PG 13. 

CM Punk, as an anti-hero, definitely harkens back to the attitude era and is by far the hottest commodity today. 

He would have fit into the attitude era easily and can be the vanguard of a more smash-mouth brand of wrestling.

John Cena is Getting Stale

Loathe as I am to admit it, John Cena needs to be the challenger for a while and face some well scripted adversity. 

As much as I am a fan, Cena being the champ is getting a bit old.  This doesn't mean I want Cena out of the picture. 

I'm saying I want Cena to be involved in some story lines and feuds that further his character to make it more three-dimensional. 

Let him go through a journey of discovery and face a really interesting moral crisis, a situation where whether he will turn heel or stays face is really in question. 

Even better, have him turn heel for a while, only to have a moment of redemption. 

The character of John Cena is getting stale, even for me.  It's a shame, as he is a far more talented worker than he is given credit for. His talents have been somewhat wasted lately. 

Besides, he will never escape his "superman" moniker unless he finally loses cleanly.

If he has to lose and pass the torch, that should be to CM Punk.

CM Punk's Time Has Come

CM punk is one of the few stars on the roster with the gravitas to be the face of a company (some of you are asking, "What about Randy Orton?"  Well, I'm just not a fan, personal preference). 

Alberto Del Rio will indeed be champion soon—and deservedly so. 

The Miz is still hot, and I enjoyed his character. But his time as champion just didn't leave me with the gravitas of a great heel champion. 

CM punk does, and there is no denying the reaction Punk gets.  In fact, the only wrestler who gets the same pop is John Cena

In conclusion, I feel that in order to save John Cena's character, it is time for him to walk a walk of dark times to re-establish the greatness of a great champion. 

It is also time for WWE to go in a different, more dynamic direction, and CM Punk is the one to do it. 

I am a John Cena fan, but like VKM, it is all about business. CM Punk is best for business—for himself, John Cena and the future of WWE. 

As always, I welcome your thoughts.


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