The 10 MLB Players Who Benefited Most by Being Traded

Josh Sadlock@@JoshSadlockCorrespondent IIIAugust 2, 2011

The 10 MLB Players Who Benefited Most by Being Traded

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    Most of the post-trade-deadline analysis focuses on the ways in which teams benefit by trading for star players.

    But the players themselves can benefit from a change of address as well. 

    Whether they are a veteran, a young star or a prospect, joining a new team can sometimes be the best thing to happen to a player.

    So, in no particular order, here are ten players who find themselves in a better situation after moving at the trade deadline.

Ryan Ludwick, San Diego to Pittsburgh

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    Ryan Ludwick was a power hitter who played half of his games each season in cavernous Petco Park. 

    Now he plays his home games in a much more hitter-friendly venue. 

    His home run total should return to its pre-San Diego level, which will greatly improve his value.

Jonathan Singleton, Philadelphia to Houston

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    By all accounts, Jonathan Singleton is going to be a great hitter in the major leagues someday. 

    He just wasn't going to be doing it in Philadelphia. 

    With Ryan Howard blocking his path to the bigs, Singleton tried to play outfield this season. 

    The results were disastrous.  With Houston, he now has a clear path to the majors.

Koji Uehara, Baltimore to Texas

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    At 36 years old, Koji Uehara probably has only a few years left in his pitching career. 

    He loved the city of Baltimore, but was on record saying, "It's not going to be any fun if we don't win. That's the dilemma."

    Well, Uehara should have plenty of fun closing out his career in Texas. 

    If he likes winning, he is certainly in the place to do it, as the Rangers have solidified their bullpen, their only glaring weakness.

Chris Davis, Texas to Baltimore

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    The Orioles have been searching for a long-term answer at first base for a number of years. 

    They may have finally found one in Davis, a player with big upside. 

    Davis put up huge numbers in the minor leagues but needs to cut down on his strikeouts.

    Perhaps the pressure of being a top prospect in Texas was too much for him to handle. 

    In Baltimore, he will face far less scrutiny.  If he develops into a smasher, the Orioles will reward him with a long-term deal.

Tommy Hunter, Texas to Baltimore

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    Tommy Hunter would have been a key member of the Rangers rotation this season if not for a groin injury suffered in spring training. 

    Once Alexi Ogando emerged as an ace, Hunter's role was greatly diminished.

    Hunter is a guy who won 13 games last year and contributed to the Rangers' World Series run. 

    He is a major league-ready starting pitcher and will be guaranteed a starting role in the Orioles rotation, which is in shambles.

Doug Fister, Seattle to Detroit

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    With a 3.33 ERA, Doug Fister should not be 3-12, but that is the fate of a pitcher whose offensive backing is the worst in the league. 

    With the Tigers, Fister will pitch for a team that scores more than two or three runs a game.

Hunter Pence, Houston to Philadelphia

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    With the joy and youthful enthusiasm with which Hunter Pence plays the game of baseball, he is a very marketable star. 

    But playing in the state of Texas (where baseball is just a nice diversion while waiting for football season), Pence did not get the exposure and love he deserves.

    In Philadelphia, he will be surrounded by fans who can appreciate his passion and talent. 

    Not only that, he will get to experience the excitement of the playoffs in the foreseeable future as the Phillies work to sign him to a long-term extension.

Michael Bourn, Houston to Atlanta

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    Michael Bourn's exciting style of play, which combines spectacular range in center field and daring base running, was also hidden from many baseball fans while he played in Houston.

    Bourn and the Braves are a perfect match for each other. 

    The Braves get the leadoff hitter they have been seeking since Rafael Furcal left, and Bourn gets the chance to show off his skills to a larger audience. 

    If Bourn plays well enough and helps the Braves, look for them to reward him with a long-term contract.

Colby Rasmus, St. Louis to Toronto

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    Colby Rasmus still has all the tools to develop into a star center fielder. 

    It was just his bad luck that the Cardinals could not afford to be patient with him.

    The Cardinals are in win-now mode, with Albert Pujols approaching free agency. 

    When John Jay started hitting more than Rasmus, the Cardinals were willing to hit pause on his development. 

    In Toronto, there is far less pressure to win now. 

    Rasmus will be able to play with less pressure and hopefully harness his potential.

Rafael Furcal, Los Angeles Dodgers to St. Louis

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    Rafael Furcal struggled with injuries during his time with the Dodgers. 

    As he plays out his contract in St. Louis, he needs to prove he is healthy again if he wants to cash in one last time. 

    If he is playing well for the Cardinals, teams will notice, which could lead to Furcal earning a few million more dollars than he should.

    It also doesn't hurt Furcal to escape the turmoil that has embroiled the Dodgers this season.