Morning Cup 'o Info: Red Sox News and Notes, Pedroia, Saltalamacchia, and more

Evan BrunellFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2008

Just some quick notes to get your morning started.

First, trust me when I say this, but my Top 50 Free Agents is probably my favorite piece that I do all year and because of that, I get way too fussy about it.

With that, a general state of depression after the election (note: my views in no way reflect or have been approved by Fire Brand or MVN), and other unrelated problems in the past two days, we are going to have to delay the release of the Top 50.

I am still hoping to have the first 25 posted by Saturday, but I won't set a definite timetable yet.

Second, today at 4pm the American League Gold Glove award winners will be announced. After finishing second last year, there is a good chance that the local nine's Dustin "Destroia" Pedroia could win his first gold glove. It makes a strong statement about the focus on defense by the front office when both pieces to the right side of our infield have won gold gloves—something you could have never dreamed about in the late 90s or early 00's.

Finally, the hot stove is getting hotter. Reports from the Boston Globe indicate that CC Sabathia's agent noted his client is not on Boston's agenda this offseason, probably worth nothing in case you had visions of the big ace opening the 2009 season for the Sox.

Also within the same report is news that Jarrod Saltalamacchia is going to begin playing winter ball, we'll keep an eye on his progress here at Fire Brand. A lot of times young stars playing winter ball will be pulled from the team if they are about to be traded, so that could be a flag indicating Salty may be ready to get shipped to Beantown!

Keep the conversation alive in the comments, we'll get a QuickPost up this afternoon once the Gold Glove selections have been announced!