NFL Free Agency 2011: 5 Free Agents Guaranteed to Bomb in New Towns

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIAugust 2, 2011

NFL Free Agency 2011: 5 Free Agents Guaranteed to Bomb in New Towns

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    The NFL free agency period is easily one of the most exciting times in sports. 

    This year the excitement has really been stepped up a notch or two because of the fast paced atmosphere that the post-lockout NFL world possesses.

    Free agency is just plain crazy, and we have seen some teams really put themselves over the top and into Super Bowl contention with a key acquisition or two.

    But not every free agent signing can work out right? 

    What’s the fun in that! 

    Here are five free agents guaranteed to bomb in their new towns:

Matt Hasselbeck: QB Tennessee Titans

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    Matt Hasselbeck will bomb depending on what expectations that you have of him. 

    If you’re expecting him to lead the Titans to the playoffs and resurrect himself in the latter stages of his career than I think you will be sorely disappointed.

    He had a great two-game stretch in last year’s playoffs, but if it were not for those two games he would not even be a viable option.

    I have questions about his health, and how about how much he has left in the tank.

Cullen Jenkins: DT Philadelphia Eagles

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    Cullen Jenkins is 30 and injury prone, which is a bad combination. He missed 17 combined games the past three seasons. 

    He showed signs of brilliance during his time with the Packers, but overall I don’t think he lived up to his potential. 

    I also wonder if switching from the 3-4 front to the 4-3 will have a negative impact. 

    Overall, I’m just not to confident in this signing.  

    $25 million over five years is a lot for a guy who might not see the field as much as the Eagles would like him too. 

Nate Clements: CB Cincinnati Bengals

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    Don’t get me wrong, I think Nate Clements is a very good player. The only problem I see here is that he is playing on a team with very little defensive help around him, and I’m not sure if he has what it takes to be “the guy.”

    This is why I am expecting Clements to “bomb” in Cincinnati. Expectations will be high on him to step up and be their go-to lock-down corner, and I just don’t think he can do it at 31. Age is not the biggest factor here because look at Charles Woodson, but my point is I think he is declining more than he is getting better.


Roy Williams: WR Chicago Bears

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    Roy Williams has been declining as a player ever since he left the Detroit Lions, which is saying a lot considering the point the franchise was at while he was with them. 

    Perhaps reuniting with offensive coordinator Mike Martz will rejuvenate him, but I just have a very hard time seeing Williams being as good as the Bears want him to be. 

    He’s never really been able to step up and consistently be a big time player, and I don’t see it changing at all in Chicago.

Plaxico Burress: WR New York Jets

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    Honestly, I hope that Plaxico Burress can prove me wrong. Unfortunately, I think that way to many people are underestimating the fact that he was absent from the game of football for two years.

    He may have had tons of time to work out and stay in shape, but game shape is a completely different thing.  

    Being use to the speed of the game is equally as important, and I think Jets fans may be setting themselves up for disappointment by putting stock into Burress.

    I'm sorry, it's just hard for me to feel good about an aging player that just spent two years in the clink.

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