What Beth Phoenix's Heel Turn Taught Us

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What Beth Phoenix's Heel Turn Taught Us
Beth Phoenix towers over a fallen Kelly Kelly.

This week on RAW there was a Divas No. 1 contender battle royal. The women were given a decent amount of time, and in the end it was Beth Phoenix who took the win. After being congratulated by Kelly Kelly, the current Divas champion, Beth Phoenix proceeded to berate Kelly. She tossed her out of the ring before ramming her into the barricade.

The attack was topped off with: "Oh Kelly, your days as the perky, cute, ... blond little bimbo are officially over."


Feel free to take a breather here—I know I did.

If you weren't completely entertained with the Divas segment from RAW, and RAW as a whole, then I don't know what to say to you. Everything WWE did on RAW completely sucked viewers into the wacky world of wrestling that we miss going nuts over. The Divas being no exception!

The way Beth's heel turn was handled was absolutely magnificent. And Beth really showed her talent as an all-around entertainer when she got on the mic. Her delivery of "bimbo" was so lax and carefree that I just had to laugh, as did the millions of viewers watching worldwide.

Monday proved something that has been proven time and again in the past: if given enough effort, the Divas can be extremely entertaining and a hot commodity.

The fact that they're women automatically makes them an integral part of the WWE, because all the other wrestlers are men. Women bring a completely different dynamic to the show, and without them much of WWE's success wouldn't have happened.

The Golden Era created something that couldn't be done as well as they did it: attractive women who can wrestle. The problem with the current era is that looks are put above ability, and thus the new girls are much less credible than the older ones.

So bravo to Beth Phoenix! She brought back what made the Divas special in the first place—looks and talent.

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