Florida State Seminoles Look to Bounce Back After Heartbreaker in Atlanta

Matt SheaCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

After witnessing what we recently saw last week as a blown chance to win a close game, I can hardly feel bad about my team's loss last week to Georgia Tech. Here are five reasons why:


1. FSU gave up over 100 yards on the ground and two touchdowns to a great running back in Jonathan Dwyer, whom they knew they had to control in order to have hope in the tightly contested game.


2. As much as FSU gave up to the Wreck in the first half, and being controlled in a 24-10 deficit going into the third fourth of the game, the Seminoles were lucky to have had a chance at winning the game in how successful GT was at moving the ball the whole game.


3. I know that a lowly Clemson team this year, is revving up and hoping to beat the crap out of them at home this week, but they've played extremely well at home except for the loss to Wake; the 'Noles should be ready to take back glory in this extremely heated rivalry.


4. Coach Bowden doesn't seem rattled about the loss, so why should the fans?


5. With Christian Ponder at the head of staff, we need not be worried about playing well on offense. He is extremely calm and plays that way, and I believe he will be the star on offense this week, walking all over a depleted Clemson defense.


So, with these things in mind, I believe the 'Noles will be back in victory mode at home and will take back glory and pride in the battle that used to be the Bowden Bowl, but there's only one Bowden left in this and that's Bobby, and he's gonna lead the 'Noles to victory on Saturday, in my opinion. Go 'Noles!