Randy Moss Retires: Ranking Every Season of His Career from Rookie to Last Gasp

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIAugust 2, 2011

Randy Moss Retires: Ranking Every Season of His Career from Rookie to Last Gasp

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    After 13 impressive seasons, Randy Moss has decided to retire from the NFL. The news was shocking as it appeared as if many teams were still interested in Moss' services.

    However, the deed is done and now all that is left to do it look back on his illustrious career.

    Moss is considered one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game. In fact, some might even say that he only trails Jerry Rice on the all-time list. Wherever you place him on your personal list, there is no doubting his immense talent and ability.

    As it is always hard to watch a great player leave the game, we can still look back at their career and marvel at their greatness.

    From his first NFL game to his final play for the Tennessee Titans, here is every season of Randy Moss' career ranked from worst to best.

13. 2010-2011

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    Statistics: 28 receptions, 394 yards, five TDs


    Last year was a difficult year for Randy Moss. After being trade from New England to Minnesota after only four games, Moss continued to struggle throughout the entire season.

    He eventually ended the season playing for the Tennessee Titans, if you could even call what he did on the field playing football. Throughout the entire year he looked uninterested on the field.

    It is a true shame that Moss' worst season was also his last season. It would have been fun to watch one last spectacular year from Randy before he called it quits.

12. 2006-2007

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    Statistics: 42 receptions, 553 yards, three TDs


    Some actually felt that Randy Moss' career might have been finished after his second season in Oakland.

    Throughout the season, he showed no desire to compete at a high level. He would often take plays off and would sometimes refuse to even go on the field. Anyone who watched was shocked at how far Moss had fallen.

    No one understood how one of the best deep threats to ever play the game had simply become a decoy on the football field.

11. 2005-2006

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    Statistics: 60 receptions, 1,005 yards, eight TDs


    Randy's first season in Oakland was a far cry from his glory days in Minnesota also. However, when you go over 1,000 receiving yards and rack up eight touchdowns, and it is considered a down year, you know you are an incredible player.

    When Moss got traded to Oakland, people thought Minnesota was crazy. Sure, the year before wasn't his best year, but he was still one of the best receivers in the game.

    Maybe the Vikings thought they saw what no one else saw, the end of Moss' career. They were only a few years too early though.

10. 2004-2005

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    Statistics: 49 receptions, 767 yards, 13 TDs


    In his final full season in Minnesota, Moss only played in 13 games. What started as another strong season was quickly derailed after a hamstring injury.

    While Moss played even when he was injured, he was used more as a decoy than an actual receiver. He finally ended up sitting out for three full games.

    Even with missing so much playing time, he still averaged one touchdown catch per game. That is a pretty impressive number when you factor in his injury.

9. 2002-2003

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    Statistics: 106 receptions, 1,347 yards, seven TDs


    We are now getting to the point where it is hard to differentiate between a good, great and incredible season. If a player was to post over 100 receptions for over 1,300 yards, we would consider that an extremely successful season.

    For Randy Moss, that is only the ninth best season of his career. The reason it ranks this low is because of the low amount of touchdowns moss recorded. Seven touchdowns is the third lowest season total of his career.

    Even in a "down year" for Moss, he still was voted to the Pro Bowl and All-Pro Team.

8. 2008-2009

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    Statistics: 69 receptions, 1,008 yards, 11 TDs


    After Moss' spectacular 2007-2008 season (more to come on that later), he had an impressive second season in New England.

    The drop in numbers were likely due to a season-ending injury to Tom Brady in the first week of the season.

    Matt Cassel came in and played admirably, but he never clicked with Moss like Brady had. It would also be safe to say that Cassel was a few rungs lower on the talent ladder than Brady.

    Even while playing with a quarterback who was a career backup since college, Moss went over 1,000 yards receiving and double-digit touchdowns.

7. 2001-2002

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    Statistics: 82 receptions, 1,233 yards, 10 TDs


    When you look at Moss' statistics from this season, it just shows how incredible of a player he was. Remember, this was only the seventh best season of his career.

    Before the start of the season, the Minnesota Vikings signed moss to a eight-year, $75 million contract extension. He didn't let Minnesota down, and he and Daunte Culpepper continued their dominance on the football field.

    This was the first season that Moss missed out on the Pro Bowl, but when looking at his statistics, it would be safe to say that he was probably snubbed.

6. 1999-2000

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    Statistics: 80 receptions, 1,413 yards, 11 TDs


    In his sophomore campaign, Moss continued to show great promise for his career.

    He had another huge statistical season and helped Minnesota make the playoffs again. His most impressive performances came during the playoffs and the Pro Bowl. In two playoff games, Moss recorded 14 receptions for 315 yards and three touchdowns.

    During the Pro Bowl, Randy caught nine passes for 212 yards and brought home the MVP award.

5. 2009-2010

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    Statistics: 83 receptions, 1,264 yards, 13 TDs


    After Tom Brady returned from injury, no one was quite sure what to expect from Randy Moss.

    Well, he disappointed no one with another spectacular season that where his coach, Bill Belichick, made reference to Moss having instincts similar to those of Lawrence Taylor. It was almost like Moss and Brady had missed no time together.

    Moss would go deep, Brady would throw a perfect pass and Moss would make the touchdown catch. That is how the 2009-2010 season went.

4. 2000-2001

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    Statistics: 77 receptions, 1,437 yards, 15 TDs


    Now we are just getting ridiculous. Any receiver would love to have that statistical season as their best season ever. For Randy Moss, we are only talking about the fourth best.

    This was the first season that Moss and Culpepper were on the field together, and it was magical. Culpepper's huge arm was the perfect fit for Moss' style of play, and the two led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game.

    Moss was an MVP candidate throughout the season but would simply have to settle for another Pro Bowl berth and a vote to the All-Pro Team.

3. 2003-2004

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    Statistics: 111 receptions, 1,632 yards, 17 TDs


    In this season, Moss recorded his highest reception total and gained his most receiving yards. To put it simply, he dominated from Week 1 to Week 17.

    Moss was nearly unstoppable as he separated himself as the best receiver in the game. His hands were incredible and his leaping ability was off the charts. All Culpepper had to do was throw the ball in the vicinity of Randy Moss, and he would somehow come down with the football.

    This was Moss' second best statistical season but his third best overall season.

2. 1998-1999

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    Statistics: 69 receptions, 1,313 yards, 17 TDs


    At first glance, these statistics don't jump out as the second best season. However, when you consider that this was Moss' rookie season, your jaw drops to the floor.

    Moss' 17 touchdown receptions set the record for most touchdown receptions in a season by a rookie. He led the Vikings to a 15-1 regular season record and was the main weapon the one of the highest powered offenses of all time.

    The Vikings had a heartbreaking loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game, but Moss' rookie season will never be forgotten.

1. 2007-2008

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    Statistics: 98 receptions, 1,493 yards, 23 TDs


    Moss' 2007-2008 season really doesn't even need explanation. All he did was catch 23 touchdown passes while being part of the greatest offensive team ever that ended the regular season 16-0.

    What makes this season so incredible was the fact that Moss was coming off one of the worst statistical seasons in his career.

    When the Patriots traded for Moss, everyone thought they were crazy. Little did they know what Brady was capable of doing with a legitimate deep threat.

    This was one of the greatest seasons ever had by a wide receiver and was the best in Randy Moss' amazing and record-breaking career.