Philadelphia 76ers Lore: 10 Memorable Darryl Dawkins Moments

Lake CruiseAnalyst IAugust 8, 2011

Philadelphia 76ers Lore: 10 Memorable Darryl Dawkins Moments

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    Minus Dawkins the 76ers won the NBA Finals in 1983 by sweeping the Lakers, 4-0.  Darryl isn't bitter, he's better.  The man is still a force for NBA entertainment.

    An ambassador for the NBA Nation tour, Dawkins believes he’s been gifted to work with kids according to a recent interview posted on the team’s web site.  As a big kid and an 18-year-old prep superstar, he was drafted fifth overall by the 76ers in 1975. 

    According to legend, then-New York Knicks guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier took one look and said: “I bet his teachers called him “Mr. Darryl.”

    One of the most interesting men in the world, here are 10 unforgettable moments Mr. Darryl,  "Sir Slam," "Dr. Dunkenstein" and "Chocolate Thunder"...Mr. Chocolate Thunder has provided for Philly.

    Here we go.  Roll thunder (the slide show)…

10. 1982: Dawkins Gets Dealt

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    Philadelphia traded Dawkins to the New Jersey Nets for a first-round pick after he missed almost half of the 1981-82 season due to injuries.  It was one of the saddest days in Philadelphia basketball history.

    Fans cheered up after Moses came at the expense of Caldwell Jones and a first-round pick to the Rockets" title="Houston Rockets">Houston Rockets

    Keep rolling slides until this rocket ship takes you to your final destination...Planet Lovetron. 

9. February 2011: Dawkins Surprised Brandon Jennings in Milwaukee

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    To announce he was coaching Brandon in the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest, Dawkins met Jennings at the Bucks’ practice gym. 

    As affable and jovial as ever, Dawkins would later shock the eyes of the world when the contest actually went down.

    You'll see what I mean, just keep Thunder-rolling.

8. Dawkins Coaches a Community College

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    Trying to pull himself up by his sneaker straps and become an NBA head coach, Dawkins took on junior college kids.  I respect a rim wrecker who is willing to start from the bottom.  Here's hoping he reaches the top.

    Here is an interesting article, courtesy of, detailing some of Dawkins’ experiences at the college

    Junior college kids probably eat a lot of cold pizza for breakfast.  Darryl probably still does, too, along with anything else in his way to the top.  Watch out below.

7. Dawkins Appears on ESPN’s “Cold Pizza”...Why? Why? Why?

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    Dana Jacobson, right, was a host of ESPN's Cold Pizza, but she wasn't there the day Dawkins faced off against Cactus Jack on the former wrestler's new-fangled arm wrestling machine.  She's probably still giving thanks for her absence to this day.

    Here’s a clip of the riveting arm wrestling match otherwise titled: “Down Goes Dawkins…Maybe.”

6. 1979: Dawkins' Opponents Eat Glass

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    Damn the cold pizza, Darryl made dudes eat backboard glass.  Watch out below!

    Against the Kings" title="Sacramento Kings">Kansas City Kings on November 13, Dawkins blasted off and landed a powerhouse dunk that broke the backboard into smithereens. 

    A poet in his own rhyme, Dawkins named the backboard-breaking dunk: "The Chocolate-Thunder-Flying, Glass-Flying, Robinzine-Crying, Babies Crying, Glass Still Flying, Cats Crying, Rump-Roasting, Bun-Toasting, Bake the Wham-Bam, I Am Jam."

    He would  break another one and forever change the NBA's rims.

5. 1983: Dawkins Sets the NBA's Personal Fouls Record (Season)

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    As a New Jersey Net, Dawkins recorded his personal foul No. 379. 

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all accumulated during the 1982-83 season.  NBA fouls would never be the same.

    It was a record that would stand the test of time until the next season.

4. 1984: Dawkins Breaks His Own NBA Personal Fouls Record (Season)

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    Mr. Dawkins committed foul No. 386 while still playing for the N.J. Nets.  Veteran official Joey Crawford, left, probably whistled him for 385. 

    In discussing his treatment from the referees, Dawkins was usually very diplomatic.  Maybe he should run for office in Philly.  He'd probably have to give up his place of residency status on Planet Lovetron. 

3. 1977: Darryl “Lieutenant Lovetron” Dawkins vs. Maurice “Ain't No Love" Lucas

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    Dawkins probably won't move from the planet Lovetron because Philly is too square. 

    Darryl once squared off with the now late Maurice Lucas in an NBA boxing main event at the Spectrum.

    It looked more like the Jerry Springer Show broke out on the court.  Lucas "stole" Dawkins in the back of the head, but they ended up square dancing more than fighting.   

    In those days there were a lot more “fights” because the fine for throwing punches was a microscopic amount compared to today’s NBA dollars. 

    Square business.

2. 1979: Dawkins Shatters His Second Backboard and Rim

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    On December 6—three weeks after breaking his first glass in NBA game action—Dawkins tore down the entire rim and shattered the backboard's square.   

    NBA commissioner Lawrence O’Brien dealt with Dawkins by ruling that riding down on a backboard was a federal offense resulting in a fine and suspension.  Break away rims were invented in due time.

    Dawkins didn’t name this smasher, but he named others: the Rim Wrecker, the Go-Rilla, the Look Out Below, the In-Your-Face Disgrace, the Cover Your Head, the Yo-Mama and the Spine-Chiller Supreme. 

    O'Brien probably told Dawkins to chill the buck out.

1. February 19, 2011: Dawkins’ Suit Lights the Universe at the Dunk Contest

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    Chilling Dawkins, left, and Robert Horry yucked it up before the dunk contest.  This fluorescent green/yellow and black ensemble is still etched in my mind.

    Although he looked like a stop light gone wild, he is literally big enough to pull it off.  It's probably the latest style on, you guessed it...

    Planet Lovetron.  These have been 10 entertaining moments in the life of Darryl Dawkins presented by Bleacher Report.  Catch us next time live and direct on Lake's Lovetron Report.