Creature vs. Creature: The Championship Round for the Ages

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIAugust 1, 2011

It's the battle that all have been anticipating that will pit fellow wordsmiths against each other that'll rock this very section to it core.  This is bigger then Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant and more ferocious then all the Money in the Bank deadly spots that performers do combined.

We have the mighty Rize whose skill and ego has gotten him to the glory land of the championship round. Then we have Chinmay whose the kind of bloke you'd like to share a drink with and invite him to a wrestling event but he's is never underestimated as his pedigree as a writer is close to legendary.

They both stand nose to nose with icy stares that would cut a elephant in half. Known friends are now temporary enemies. Who'll win is a mystery as both have littered the B/R arena with the corpse of former competitors which even I was befallen to the mighty pen of Chinmay while Rize stood there with a confident smirk knowing Chinmay shall be his last victim unless he fumbles and collapses to utter defeat.

Due to the proportion of awesomeness that radiates around this awesome match-up, I have thought up a topic that is so challenging that it would blow your collective minds to the point of needing brain transplants! So here is the epic topic:

Topic: Create your very own wrestling company and wrestlers with unique gimmicks and biography.

1.) This article must be in a slideshow form and the deadline for it is August 9th at 11:PM and the voting will be on August 10th until August 12th at 11:59 pm.

2.) Each writer must create 20 male wrestlers, 10 female wrestlers and 5 tag teams (ten wrestlers). All 40 individuals shall have there own name, Tag team name, gimmick, biographies and Entrance themes.  

3.) CANNOT used any past or present wrestling names or personalities as all must be of your own creation. While gimmicks have no limits as ling as it does not resemble to closely to past or current wrestlers.

4.) Entrance themes must not copy any current and past stars but the music can be anything you select as long as it has not been used.

5.)Must have names for your company and for the show. Must have one world championship, secondary title and a tag team title.

Rize and Chinmay I wish you the best of luck as you'll both need it if you want to be the champ!

I want to personally thank 'Rowdy' Ross Rutherford for running the semi-finals CvC voting article while I was on my weekend vacation up in Maine. He did a phenomenal job and I personally want to thank him by recognizing his hard work!