Alabama Crimson Tide's Battle For Death Valley

Ren C.Correspondent INovember 7, 2008

2008,we took a little trip. Along with Captain Saban down the Mighty Mississip'!

We took a little bacon and we took a little beans. We off to fight the Tiger's way down in Death Valley.

We fired one round but LSU kept coming, but their wasn't quite as many as there was a while ago.

We fired another round and LSU went running... Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

We fired so much 'til the canon melted down. We found an alligator at the rudder of our ship. Lashed him to bow and fired another round. Filled his mouth with cannon balls and powedered his behind. And when John Parker Wilson set the charges off.. The Gator lost his Mindddd.........

Well we kept on firing touchdown after touchdown.

Mike the tiger got lost and drowned in a high Crimson Tide Swell, and as we left Death Valley you could hear the tiger's yelp.