Maybe Shanahan Is The Answer, According to Timonen

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst INovember 7, 2008

It seems as if the Flyers might actually need a little help either from Brendan Shanahan or somebody else. Obviously, Shanahan is the guy everyone is talking about. This team came out last night in Ottawa and had nothing from the start, the game ended with a 4-1 Flyers loss.

The Flyers are now 4-5-3 with now light at the end of the tunnel as of right now, the Flyers are out there looking for a quick fix, maybe that fix is one 39-year old Brendan Shanahan. The offer is out there to him even though team hasn't officially came out and said that it is.

There is no question especially after last night that the Flyers need an answer, a prayer, something-to shake things up and GM Paul Holmgren is looking, you can bet on that. Flyers defensemen Kimmo Timonen made his own statement last night about Shanahan possibly being the answer for this locker room, and how it feels like groundhog day with this team right now.

"It's not good,a 4-1 score, we played OK just here and there, but we've got to be better. It feels like we're repeating the same line all the time, but it looks like they wanted to win more than we did.

"Injuries happen and every team goes through that. We can't go behind that. We have a good enough team to win games, and you can see when we play good, they were struggling. But we need to play like that for 60 minutes to win games and it looks like we don't do that now." 

"I've seen guys coming in and guys going out and that's part of the business, especially now," Timonen said. "I don't think [this is] where we want to be.

"You start looking around the room and see if we can improve somewhere and maybe [Shanahan] is the key to do something, leadership or whatever.

"But I've seen this happen many times before and it doesn't do anything negative in the room. [Holmgren] is just trying to do something to help us." (quotes: Ed Moran, Daily News)

The team knows they need to step up but unfortunately its not showing up in the games. They better think of something quick because players jobs are going to start being on the line, maybe even coaches. Everyone knows Chairman Ed Snider has a quick trigger finger, now is not the time to start getting so far behind that its going to take a miracle to get out of that hole.

Flyers finish the week at home tomorrow night at 7pm against the Tampa Bay Lightning, at team the Flyers can beat to get a feel for victory again. The Flyers are not where they want to be, now from here whatever happens they are going to have to live with it especially since they're play isn't helping themselves. It would be great for the orange and black to win tomorrow night before they go on a road trip all next week with games against the Islanders, Pens, and finish it off with those red hot Canadiens.