College Football Recruiting: Cayleb Jones or Stefon Diggs?

FancloudContributor IIIAugust 1, 2011

Jones will be flying high for the Longhorns in 2012
Jones will be flying high for the Longhorns in 2012

Cayleb Jones and Stefon Diggs are two of the top three wide-receiver prospects in the country, according to and Prepstar Magazine.


Stefon Diggs:  6'0  178 lbs. 40 Time: 4.43

You won't find any issues with his pure athleticism or on-the-field production. Diggs simply performs and has yet to meet an opponent he couldn't beat with that athleticism.

He has a lot of work ahead of him to fine tune that raw ability into that of a pure football player. Once he is allowed to focus on one position and work with one position coach in college, we should be able to see some of that development, but for now he's busy filling in all over the field for his high-school team. 


Cayleb Jones: 6'3  198 lbs. 40 Time: 4.55

His speed numbers don’t jump out at you, especially when compared to some of the smaller, slot-receiver types in this class, but there simply aren't many defensive backs that ever seem to be able to keep up with him. His speed is deceptive.

Jones isn't afraid of contact and is more than willing to go across the middle in traffic and lay a hit himself when needed.

His leaping ability and knack for coming down with jump balls over any size of defender make him every bit as dangerous as larger receivers in his class.

Plain and simple, Jones is about as good a pure wide-receiver prospect as you’ll find.


Cayleb Jones has already committed to the Texas Longhorns, while Stefon Diggs is still deciding amongst 15 schools.

These studs are going to make a splash in 2012. Only one question remains: Who'd you rather have?