MLB Trade Deadline: New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Dominic Brown Big Losers

Charles Bennett@chasbennettonbrSenior Analyst IAugust 1, 2011

Last year, the Yankees pulled off a trade for Lance Berkman.  This year, nada
Last year, the Yankees pulled off a trade for Lance Berkman. This year, nadaAndrew Burton/Getty Images

Well, the dust has settled on the MLB trade deadline. Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland, Hunter Pence to Philadelphia and Michael Bourn to Atlanta. And it's time to pick winners and losers in the trade deadline debacle. 

Cleveland, winner. St. Louis, winner. But here are three of the biggest losers

1) New York Yankees

The Yankees are the only contender who didn't make a move. 

Boston added another arm in Erik Bedard and a solid utility man in Mike Aviles. Cleveland surprised everyone by trading for Ubaldo Jimenez. Detroit added a much-needed starter in Doug Fister. 

Texas added Mike Adams. Even Pittsburgh made a move, adding veteran first baseman Derrek Lee.

Last year, they added Lance Berkman down the stretch. (uncharacteristically, they let him go, and now he's shooting for the fences in St. Louis). This year, a deal wasn't meant to be.

Perhaps the Yankees can limp to the finish line with what they've got. But, since their pitching isn't the greatest (although Colon is doing better than expected), they will be hard-pressed against Texas' arsenal of good arms, or Boston and its big bats. 

Big bats they could've fended off if they had made a deal, or just kept Berkman. Oh well.

2) Houston Astros

At the beginning of the 2010 season, Houston had Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn. Three decent players, three players with roots in Texas.  

All are currently playing for other teams.

I know Houston's in the tank, but trading away both Pence and Bourn for prospects was a mistake. It's a big gamble on those prospects, and they may not be the ones holding the cards.  Not having star talent will likely ensure another basement finish for them next season. 

Not to mention 4-for-1 trades usually work out badly for the team that gets four (Piazza trade, anyone?)

3) Dominic Brown

This guy gets no respect. He's been up and down between the Phillies and their farm systems like a yo-yo. 

And thanks to the Pence trade, he's down.

If there were an award for the most under-utilized player, Brown would probably be leading in first-place votes. On most other teams, he'd be a starter. On Philly, he's back in the minors.