2011 World Series: 6 Reasons Why the Philadelphia Phillies Will Win It All

JohnContributor IIIAugust 1, 2011

2011 World Series: 6 Reasons Why the Philadelphia Phillies Will Win It All

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    The Philadelphia Phillies are the National League favorites. They won the World Series in 2008, but fell short in 2009 and 2010 despite making the playoffs each year. I think that the Phillies will revisit October 2008 and win it all again this year.

    The Phillies have lots of talent and experience in all the best ways. If they can use it all and have all of their players playing to their top potential, they've got a great shot at taking home the trophy. Here are the six main reasons why the Philadelphia Phillies will win the 2011 World Series.

1. Cliff Lee

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    Cliff Lee has proven himself in the postseason before. His 2.13 career playoff ERA includes a spectacular 1.56 ERA over 5 games and 40.1 innings in the 2009 postseason for the Phillies.

2. Jimmy Rollins

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    The last few years have been up and down for Jimmy Rollins. After an injury filled 2010 season, in which he batted only .243 batted, his .269 BA in 2011 doesn't seem much better. His .305 average in July, however, shows the great likelihood that injury has had a large affect on his numbers and gives hope for improvement later on in the season. Rollins' hitting could be a vital factor in the postseason for the Phillies.

3. Chase Utley

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    After being out for the first two months of the season, Chase Utley has returned with a quickly-rising .286 batting average.

    Utley often gets worn out in the last months of the season and the postseason. His absence at the start of the year was unfortunate, but may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The Phillies hope Utley will be to play deeper into the end of the season without getting tired or worn out.

4. Ryan Madson and Antonio Bastardo

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    The Phillies bullpen has been great this year, even with the absence of their closer, Brad Lidge, due to injury. Ryan Madson and Antonio Bastardo have held up the 'pen, posting ERAs of 1.34 and 1.91 respectively. Because the Phillies starting pitchers often go deep into the game, these two don't appear much. When they've been called upon, however, they have been spectacular.

5. Carlos Ruiz

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    Carlos Ruiz is a great player to have on a postseason roster. He is awesome in the clutch and comes through at key times for the Phillies. His clutch hitting has been one of the main reasons the Phillies have had so much success in the playoffs in past years.

    His ability to handle the pitchers so well also contributes to the team's defensive performance in the playoffs.

6. Hunter Pence

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    The recent acquisition of Hunter Pence gives the Phillies multiple advantages. His .306 batting average this season provides support in the lineup for Ryan Howard and provides a boost for the entire offense. His right-handed hitting is also a plus in the Phillies mostly left-handed lineup because it causes multiple pitching changes late in the game for opposing teams.