NBA All-Hollywood Team: All-Star Lineup of the Best Basketball Movie Characters

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NBA All-Hollywood Team: All-Star Lineup of the Best Basketball Movie Characters
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The NBA is locked up in a lockout, and in all likelihood there is going to be games missed this season—meaning us basketball junkies are going to have to be looking elsewhere for our basketball fix.

Whether you turn to international basketball, old games on NBA TV, college basketball and local high school games or just going down to your local playground and watching some streetball go down, some form of basketball is going to have to fill that void.

Well, I know that there haven't been any games missed so far, but I have gone into a basketball depression lately and have already started to fill the basketball void in my life with some of the best basketball movies of our lifetimes.

After watching He Got Game a few weeks ago on cable and then seeing Teen Wolf pop up a few times over the past few weeks, I've started to get back into the cheesy basketball movies full force.

There are some out there that I have seen a few times, but have high opinions of like Fast Break, and then there are those out there that I have absolutely no knowledge of like the classic The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, that I have yet to find on any type of viewing medium.

This recent influx of basketball cinema into my life has got me to thinking what the best possible basketball team is that I could put together from movie characters, and how they would fare against some of the best—so I put together my basketball dream team.

The only rules I went with to guide my selection were a) no picking people in legitimate documentaries (although extreme exaggerations are fine) and b) no picking players who played themselves in movies, otherwise I would just have a team of Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and so on.

I wanted to put together a team that would complement itself, not just a team of the best players, so I filled roles rather than just threw the best 12 basketball-playing characters on a team to see what happens.

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