Eagles Minus Three Over Giants. Really?

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer INovember 7, 2008

Lines makers must hate their money.

I know the Eagles are hot, so stop right there. But what about the Giants?

They are 11-1 in their last 12 games. I guess that dosen't mean anything to odds makers. Eli Manning has never lost a regular season game in Philly. I guess that means nothing. And didn't the Giants throw Donovan McNabb around like a rag doll last year? They must have forgotten about that, too.

The Eagles are playing well and they are the home team in a nationally televised contest against a division rival. The rule of thumb says, make a line and then take three away from the home team. That is why the Eagles are favored by three. But, that also means that Vegas handicapped this as a pick 'em game.

I'm not complaining because the Giants always play better when they are underdogs. They also don't get intimidated in hostile environments. The Eagles have been talking trash all week about how they are the better team. Huh?

Here's my take: The Giants are 7-1, but have not really clicked on all cylinders. They know they need to play better, but every week, with the exception of Cleveland, their opponent has come out flatter than them, so there has not been an urgency. This week the Eagles have foolishly rattled the Giants' cage, instead of letting them come down the turnpike half asleep.

Bad move.

Vegas did not expect the Eagles to fire up the Giants when they made this line. The Giants also have been looking to breakout, a la Plaxico, with a big game on offense. This is the week for that to happen.

Giants 34, Eagles 20