Plaxico Burress Gives New York Jets the NFL's Best Receiving Corps

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IIAugust 1, 2011

Bring on the haters.

Find me a trio of receivers who compliment each other as well as Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes and Jericho Cotchery.  

Individually, they may not be as impressive, but as a unit, the Jets' receivers have the potential to be dynamic.  

Santonio Holmes is one of the best receivers in football. Fast, agile and catches the ball effortlessly.  He can make plays underneath the coverage or over the top.  

Most importantly, he has shown the ability to make the catches that every receiver dreams of making as a little kid, toes dragging, arms outstretched grasping victory from the jaws of defeat. 

Combined with the rapport between Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez, Holmes could be poised for the best season of his career.  

Santonio is not the only receiver on the Jets who has caught a game-winning pass in the Super Bowl. 

Plaxico Burress crushed the Patriot's hopes of an undefeated season with a few long strides into the back corner of the end zone.  Burress did not even have to use his ability to go up and get the ball because he burned the defensive back so badly.  


We all know that Plaxico Burress's greatest strength is his ability to catch poorly thrown balls because of his size, wingspan, and jumping ability.  One things for sure, Burress did not t get any shorter in jail.  

Not that I think any of the skepticism about him being in shape is warranted.  For one, there is not much to do in prison but stay in shape.  

Yes, being away from almost any sport, for any significant amount of time can present obstacles.  Though, being away from the game may have caused Plaxico to become even more dangerous.

Since signing with the Jets, Plaxico has made it clear that he is determined, and people around him have said he is in the best shape of his career.  

He even got advice from Mike Vick about how to keep his body somewhere close to football shape while incarcerated.  

With all the fuss over the Jets and their moves during free agency, Jericho Cotchery has been all but forgotten.  Let's be clear: Cotchery is not a number one receiver.  But, he is reliable, has great hands and has raw toughness.  Every team needs players like Cotchery. 

Each of the Jets receivers brings something to the table.  Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes are like peanut butter and jelly, what one lacks, the other makes up for.  Santonio's speed and quickness are the perfect balance to Plaxico's size and length.  

Burress was quoted saying in a July 31 press conference, "It's going to be special...We know we can both go out and dominate games and make big plays." 

With Cotchery free to do what he does best over the middle of the field, defensive coordinators will have to pick their poison.  Defenses will also be forced to deal with Dustin Keller and fifth-round pick Jeremy Kerley.  

Plaxico Burress may seem like a gamble, but his ability in the red zone alone makes him worth signing.  


Update: Seems like Jericho Cotchery's days as a Jet are over, Derrick Mason is likely to be signed as his replacement.  I don't see much of a drop off, if anything an upgrade at the 3rd wide receiver spot.