Arizona Cardinals Offseason Personnel Moves: Tim Hightower out

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IAugust 1, 2011

Arizona Cardinals Offseason Personnel Moves: Tim Hightower out

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    You think you've had a busy week...

    Try being involved with an NFL team. 

    On second thought, I'm immensely enjoying this.

    I think they should do this every season in fact. Just not one month before the season starts. Maybe like two or something. 

    As exciting as it is, unfortunately many of these free agents/trades are at a disadvantage. 

    They not only come in late in the game, they can't even practice until this Thursday—then they play a week later in the preseason. 


    So, we all know about Kevin Kolb by now (more on him in another article), but what about the rest of the Cardinals moves?

    Fasten your seat belts. 

Tim Hightower Traded to Redskins

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    I love Tim, but I'll be honest—it was frustrating watching him play. 

    I think Beanie Wells has more upside, and the coaches love Ryan Williams, so this comes as no shock to me. 

    I'm not sure why the Cardinals got Vonnie Holliday in the deal, but I guess depth can't hurt. 

    Either way, this really clears up the running back clog. I was wondering who'd get all the carries, and to me, it looks like Wells early on, with Williams more later once he gets his feet wet (or Wells gets injured). 

    Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for Wells, who I think struggled last year without any semblance of a passing attack or offensive line. 

    He should have a little more in both and should be motivated. 

    Hopefully the Cardinals confidence in him will pay off. 

    I'm also pumped for LaRod Stephens-Howling. I really wanted him to get more playing time, and it looks like he'll get a shot. 

    On a side note, I joked the Cardinals should trade Hightower to Philadelphia. I just picked the wrong NFC East team. 

Todd Heap and Jeff King Signed

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    These were two of the more interesting signings. 

    Actually, I understood King a bit more, because I thought he would start and Housler would come on in passing situations. 

    But when you only have a few weeks with the offense as a rookie, it's very difficult to make strides. 

    So the Cardinals, despite the fact they had four tight ends already, went out and signed Todd Heap today (Sunday). 

    I love, love, love the move. I've always been a fan of Heap, and he is a great, big target for Kolb to throw out for a few weeks while he learns the offense. 

    That is, he will give the Cardinals a legit threat in the passing game besides Larry Fitzgerald

    He's a little old (31), but what do the Cardinals have to lose? 

    I think this is a huge upgrade and will pay off dividends later.

Duece Lutui Leaves and Comes Back

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    One of the weirder stories from the offseason happened today. 

    Deuce Lutui was completely gone—signed with the Cincinnati Bengals

    That is, until he failed his physical. 

    Now, he's back with Arizona after signing a one year deal. The good news? He's a returning starter for Arizona, and a decent one at that. 

    I'm not sure if he'll start, but I imagine he will, with Daryn Colledge starting at left and Deuce at right. 

    It could be Jeremy Bridges or Rex Hadnot's job, but hey, it's nice to have some depth along the line. 

    Still, it's not something you hear every day. Welcome back Deuce. 

Richard Marshall Takes DRC's Spot

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    This is another offseason signing that I really love for the Cardinals. 

    Sure, they lose the upside that DRC had. 

    But they landed a solid, very underrated cover corner. 

    Living in North Carolina, I'm aware of Marshall's hidden talent. Many Panthers fans have told me that they think Marshall is better than Chris Gamble. 

    Marshall is a guy who won't give up the big play, and, according to sources, really fits new defensive coordinator Horton's scheme better. 

    I'll miss DRC. But it's really nice knowing that Peterson won't have to start right off the bat, and when he does, he'll have Marshall next to him (unless Greg Toler really steps up). 

Stewart Bradley Stewart Switches Wings

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    Stewart Bradley is one of those guys that many haven't heard of. 

    In fact, I'm going to do some more research on him myself (maybe getting hold of some Eagles FC peeps), but I do know this: he's a talent derailed by injuries. So it's easy to see why the Eagles let him go.

    It's also easy to see why the Cardinals picked him up. Reportedly, he could play all four linebacking positions, which is a nice bonus. 

    I imagine he's the starter soon at one of the inside linebacking spots, maybe taking Paris Lenon's spot. 

    That is, if he can stay healthy. The Cards sure hope so. They need help at linebacker. 

Center Lyle Sendlein Re-Signs

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    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

    That is all. 

Chansi Stuckey Is Now a Card

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    Chansi Stuckey is one of those guys I heard about while he was at Clemson—really athletic, and can be physical is what I heard. 

    In the NFL, he's been a third receiver at best, having some good games in New York while Brett Favre was with the Jets.

    Now? He could be the Cardinals starter. No joke. 

    His competition is a second-year player in Andre Roberts, an oft-injured Early Doucet, Max Komar and Stephen Williams. 

    Yeah. I like Roberts too, but if Stuckey can make the most of his opportunity, he could be the starter. 

    Side note: The Cardinals are interested in Braylon Edwards. It's no sure thing, but this wouldn't help any of those guys causes.

    All the same, I'm drooling...c'mon Bidwells!

FInal Notes

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    A few odds and ends:

    Joey Porter re-signs, with a pay cut. Good for him. Hopefully he'll do something this year. 

    The Cards signed G Pork Chop Womack. What a nickname. 

    Michael Adams re-signed. Like the dude's effort. He doesn't quit. 

    They signed Nick Eason from Pittsburgh. Like the move for depth.