Hot Chicks with k.u.chebags

Matt ThielSenior Analyst INovember 7, 2008

We've got a special double dose of k.u.chebags this week. We'll start out with a little "hating-outside-the-box" by showing you what kind of k.s.u.chebag you should be expecting in the stands at Faurot on Saturday:

I thought fat guys painting their bodies was a thing of the '80s, but, then again, these fashion trends don't travel into Manhattan, Kansas, very quickly.

It's one thing to have a meeting with your boys on Monday night and talk about painting K-S-U on your fat stomachs for the big game, but adding whiskers to your face and kitty cat paw prints on your nipples is a little flamboyant. Even worse, painting himself up like a cat is a sad reminder of the lack of pussy he's experienced in his 30 years on Earth.

We now move on to our fine friends in Lawrence—where kU will be playing Nebraska in a fierce battle of our hated rivals.

Underscoring the bitterness of the rivalry, however, is the mutual love in this picture.  It appears these three have put their petty differences aside long enough to engage in a friendly game of "lick the retard."

It looks like the girl on the left is a couple of centimeters away from victory, with the one on the right finishing a close second.  A side note: Be on the lookout for Mizzourah's fall fundraiser, a "Lick the Retard" drive on PBS.

Obviously, the kU fan thinks he's the man because two girls are showering him with attention (And why wouldn't they? He is wearing the Jeff Gordon wraparound sunglasses that everyone had back in 1997). We're not sure how all this kU/Nebraska friendliness came about, but it should be noted this photo popped up when google searching "incest"—draw your own conclusions.

About them, not me. Shit.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and rip these miserable fans apart in the comments section. If you—yeah, you—would like to submit your own k.u.chebag photo for us to share with the world, email us at