Greatest NBA Players In Game One-On-One

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Greatest NBA Players In Game One-On-One

I propose pick the fantasy tournament one-on-one( halfcourt,refs,3-point line,FTs)to 4 wins (games to 20 points) between all-time great players(I select 20 players with greatest 1-on-1 skills  in my opinion). The theory of 1-1 game is very interesting.
1. Jordan vs Pippen    Jordan 4-2
2. Olajuwon vs Barkley  Hakeem 4-1
3.Chamberlain vs Abdul-Jabbar  Chamberlain 4-2
4. Lebron vs Baylor  Lebron 4-0
5. Garnett vs Duncan Garnett 4-3
6. Shaq vs Oscar Robertson Shaq 4-2
7. Erwing vs Magic Erwing 4-2
8. Wade vs Bird Bird 4-1
9. West vs Kobe Kobe 4-2
10. Iverson vs Bill Russel Iverson 4-1


after : 3 vs 10,4 vs 9,5 vs 8, 6 vs 7.after 1 vs (6-7),2 vs (5-8) .after (4-9) vs 1-(6-7),(3-10) vs 2-(5-8)/ and FINAL!!!


Next level


Chamberlain vs Iverson Chamberlain 4-3

Lebron vs Kobe Lebron 4-2

Garnett vs Bird Garnett 4-3

Erwing vs Shaq Erwing 4-3


Hakeem and MJ waiting...


Next level

Jordan vs Erwing 4-2

Garnett vs Hakeem 3-4


Wilt and Lebron waiting...




Wilt vs Hakeem 2-4

Jordan vs Lebron 4-3



Jordan vs Hakeem 4-3


And your opinion?


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