WWE: My Monday Night Raw 8/1

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 1, 2011

WWE: My Monday Night Raw 8/1

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    Welcome, Bleachers, to another edition of My Monday Night Raw!

    As always, let's first look at last week's events.

    Vince McMahon came out and introduced the new WWE Champion John Cena. Not agreeing with how the championship was won, Triple H came out and challenged Cena to a one on one match. Vince wanted nothing to do with it but Cena accepted the challenge.

    The United States Championship Tournament began. Here are the matches and the winners.

    Skip Sheffield defeated the Big Show.

    Michael McGillicutty defeated Chris Masters.

    Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger.

    Alex Riley defeated Zack Ryder.

    This week Skip Sheffield will take on Alex Riley while Kofi Kingston takes on Michael McGillicutty.

    There will be a tag match with the winning team advancing into the second round of the tourney only to face off with each other later on today's show.

    In the main event, John Cena took on Triple H. After a good back and forth match Triple H looked to have thing sin control until Vince McMahon came down to the ring to distract Triple H. Eventually, HHH locked in a figure four on Cena and when he was about to tap out McMahon interfered and the two started beating on Triple H.

    This brought out CM Punk who cleared the ring of Cena and McMahon. For now, Triple H and CM Punk have aligned to take out McMahon and Cena.

Opening Segment

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    Triple H comes out to start off the show. He grabs a mic and gets right to the point.

    "Vince, I should've known you would ruin another match and protect your champion from embarrassment. I had Cena beat and you waddled your pompous ass down to the ring and broke up the hold and attacked me. You know, it's funny how when you have the upper hand or a two against one advantage you are a tough guy. But when CM Punk came down and evened the odds you and your boy toy Cena ran out of the arena with your tails between your legs!"

    Vince McMahon's music hits and he comes out with Cena at his side.

    "You listen to me you worthless excuse for a son in law. I did what needed to be done, I will not have my champion lose to you or anyone else. As far as CM Punk is concerned, since he hasn't signed a contract he is banned from any WWE event and if he shows up tonight or any other time he will be arrested and thrown in jail."

    As Vince says this eight security guards and four police officers come out and stand behind Vince and Cena.

    "But let me tell you something Hunter. Since you seem to be in an aggressive mood, why don't you take on Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and oh I don't know the World Heavyweight Champion Wade Barrett in a three on one handicapped match. Tonight it is you versus the Empire Alliance!"

    Vince leaves and Triple H is in the ring speechless and furious.

Match 1: Tag Match to Determine Final Two Participants in U.S. Title Tournament

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    Evan Bourne is out first. His partner is John Morrison and they make their way to the ring.

    R-Truth is out next and he is followed by his partner Alberto del Rio.

    Bourne and Del Rio start off the bout. Del Rio goes to grab Bourne but he slips under and kicks Del Rio in the leg. Del Rio turns around and tries to grab him again but he dodges him and hits a spinning kick to Del Rio's head. Del Rio rolls to the outside but Bourne hits a crossbody on him. Truth comes running over but Morrison hits a flying clothesline on him and we head to commercial.

    Back from break, Bourne hits a float over DDT on Del Rio and goes for the pin. Del Rio kicks out at two and Bourne goes to the top rope looking for a SSP. Del Rio quickly gets to his feet and runs into Bounre who falls on the top rope. Del Rio kicks Bourne in the head and hits a superplex on him. Del Rio goes for the pin but Bourne kicks out at two.

    Del Rio tags in Truth who comes in and starts stomping on Bourne. He picks him up and throws him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Bourne ducks and hits a dropkick. Bourne then hits a standing moonsault and goes for the pin but Truth kicks out.

    Bourne crawls over to Morrison and makes the tag. Morrison comes in and hits a clothesline on Truth. Morrison then punches Del Rio in the face and sizes up Truth for a roundhouse kick. Truth ducks under it and goes to tag in Del RIo but he is still down from the punch.

    Truth turns around and gets hit with a roundhouse kick to his head by Morrison. Morrison tags in Bourne and he hits a Shooting Star press for the win.

Match 2: Skip Sheffield vs. Alex Riley

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    Skip Sheffield is out first.  He gets nice heat and get sin the ring.

    Alex Riley is out next to a nice reaction and he too gets in the ring.

    Riley tries to lock up with Sheffield but he just throws him to the ground. Riley goes for a clothesline but it doen't affect Skip. Riley tries to throw Sheffield off the ropes but Sheffield doesn't move and instead pulls Riley in for a clothesline. Sheffield grabs Riley and hits him with a military press.

    Sheffield goes for the pin but Riley kicks out at two. Sheffield throws Riley into the corner and goes for a clothesline but Riley moves and hits Sheffield with a backstabber. Riley then hits Sheffield with a clothesline and connects with a spinebuster. Riley goes for the pin but Sheffield kicks out at two.

    Riley sizes him up for a facecrusher but when Sheffield gets up he counters and hits a DDT. Sheffield then waits for Riley to get to his feet and when he does Sheffield hits a huge clothesline. Sheffield goes for the pin but gets off at two and says he is not finished yet. Sheffield waits for Riley to get up and he hits a huge spear. Sheffield pins Riley and advances into the finals.

Match 3: Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

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    Michael McGillicutty is out first to decent heat.

    Kofi Kingston is out next to a good reaction.

    Kingston and McGillicutty lock up with McGillicutty backing Kingston into the corner. McGillicutty goes for a right hand but Kingston dodges it and lands a right hand of his own. McGillicutty goes for a clothesline but Kingston dodges that and rolls McGillicutty up for a two count.

    McGillicutty gets up and angrily kicks Kingston in the gut. McGillicutty then hits a suplex and goes for the pin. Kingston kicks out at two. McGillicutty grabs Kingston and goes for another suplex but Kingston counters and hits a clothesline and then a boom drop. Kingston goes for a Trouble in Paradise but David Otunga comes running down to the ring with a steel chair.

    Instead of hitting McGillicutty, Kingston hits Otunga with the Trouble in Paradise and he kicks the chair which hits Otunga's head. McGillicutty rolls Kingston up and gets a very close two count. McGillicutty yells and pleads with the referee but he is not listening. McGillicutty turns around and gets hit with the Trouble in Paradise.

    Kingston gets the pin and advances into the finals.

Match 4: Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison

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    Evan Bourne is out first and gets another nice reaction.

    John Morrison is out next and also gets a nice reaction.

    The two men slap hands and begin the match.

    Morrison goes for a right hand but Bourne side steps it and connects with a few kicks. Morrison rolls through Bourne and kicks him in the back. Bourne runs off the ropes and goes for a crossbody but Morrison moves and goes for a standing elbow drop but Bourne rolls out of the way. Both men are evenly matched.

    Eventually, Morrison gains the upperhand and backs Bourne into the corner where he hits an elbow to Bourne's face. Morrison goes for clothesline but Bourne steps out of the corner and Morrison hits the turnbuckle. Bourne quickly hits a dropkick to Morrison's back and he hits the turnbuckle again.

    Bourne climbs up the ring post and has Morrison in position for a hurricanrana of sorts but Morrison counters and hits a powerbomb. Morrison goes for the pin but Bourne kicks out at two.

    Morrison goes for the Starship Pain but Bourne moves out of the way. Morrison lands chest first and Bourne goes to the top rope and goes for a Shooting Star Press. Morrison gets his foot up and kicks Bourne in the face. Morrison then jumps up and hits Bourne with a roundhouse kick. Morrison pins Borne and advances into the finals.


After the Match

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    Dolph Ziggler comes out with mic in hand. Ziggler says that this whole tournament was just a waste of time because no one can beat Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler runs his mouth some more and doesn't see Kofi Kingston come behind him. Ziggler talks about how bad Kingston is and then turns around and sees Kofi standing behind him. Kingston goes for a Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler dodges it and runs off.

    Ziggler is now by where Del Rio brings his cars out. Ziggler says that Kofi isn't as bad as Skip Sheffield. Ziggler turns around and gets clotheslined by....Skip Sheffield.

    Morrison, Sheffield and Kingston all look at each other and the crowd cheers as we head to commercial.

Main Event: Triple H vs. Empire Alliance (McIntyre, Sheamus and Wade Barrett)

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    Out first is Vince McMahon who will be at ringside for the match.

    The Empire Alliance comes out next escorted by William Regal. Regal shakes McMahon's hand as do all the other Alliance members.

    Triple H is out next to a great reaction. He has a sledgehammer in his hand and is walking to the ring with confidence. The empire Alliance clears the ring and Triple H enters. He mouths off to McMahon and threatens him.

    Before the match can begin McMahon calls security down to the ring to protect him. The security guards come down and then Cena comes out. Cena also will protect McMahon and be at ringside to watch the match. The referee makes Triple H put down his sledgehammer and the match begins with Triple h and Wade Barrett in the ring together.

    Barrett and Triple H trade right hands before Barrett throws Triple H off the ropes. Barrett goes for a clothesline but Triple H hits him with a knee to the face. Barrett crawls over and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus comes running in going for a clothesline but Triple H sidesteps him and trips him. Sheamus flys head first into the turnbuckle. Triple H stomps on him and then taunts him.

    Triple H throws Sheamus back to his corner and calls for McIntyre. McIntyre makes the tag and comes running in. McIntyre goes for a clothesline but Triple H dodges that one and goes for a knee to McIntyre's face. Drew dodges it and hits Triple H with a backbreaker. Drew waits for Triple h to get to his feet and goes for a clothesline but Triple h counters and hits a spinebuster on Drew.

    Vince can be seen at ringside slapping Regal and yelling at him to get it together. Triple H kicks Drew in the gut and goes for a Pedigree but Sheamus and Barrett storm the ring. They break it up and beat down Triple H. Drew then hits Triple H with a big boot and tags in Barrett.

    Wade comes in and connects with a huge clothesline before hitting a suplex. Barrett tags in Sheamus who hits a clothesline and a neckbreaker. Now Vince is all smiles and fixes Regal's suit that he messed up while slapping him.

    Sheamus goes for the pin but Triple H kicks out at two. Sheamus sizes up Triple H for a Brogue Kick but Triple H moves out of the way and starts hitting Sheamus with a few right hands and then hits a knee to his face. Triple H waits for sheamus to get to his feet and he hits a clothesline and another spinebuster. Triple H kicks Sheamus in the gut and goes for the Pedigree.

    Again the Empire storms the ring but this time Regal tells them to stay in and beat the hell out of Triple H. The bell rings and Triple H wins by DQ. The three Empire members attack Triple H with all of them getting a few moves in.


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    CM Punk's music hits and he comes out with a contract in one hand and a kendo stick in the other. He takes out a mic from his gear and says that he has just signed a lengthy lucrative contract with the WWE. "The security guards can't help you know Vince!"

    Punk drops the mic and makes for the ring. He goes in and hits Drew with the stick. Punk then hits Barrett and Sheamus with it. Punk kicks Triple H's sledgehammer over to him and he pick it up. McIntyre comes running at Triple H with his briefcase but Triple H puts the sledgehammer right to the briefcase and it smacks off Drew's head.

    Punk hits Sheamus over the head with the stick and turns his attention to Barrett. Triple H hits Barrett in the gut with the sledge and Punk hits him in the back with the kendo stick. The Empire Alliance leaves the arena with Regal behind them.

    Now Triple H and Punk turn towards Vince and Cena. They get out of the ring and walk over to them. Cena is ready to fight but when he turns around he sees that Vince has already ran up through the crowd. Cena takes off and throws J.R. in the path of Triple H and Punk. Triple H helps J.R. up while Punk runs after Cena.

    Cena makes it backstage and Punk lets him go. Punk grabs his mic and says " I'M BACK!!!"

    We close the show with Punk and his theme music playing throughout the arena.


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    That concludes My Monday Night Raw.

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