Jheranie Boyd=Douche

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Jheranie Boyd=Douche

So Mizzou lost out on 4-star WR Jheranie Boyd who decided to stay in North Carolina and go to UNC. I can deal with that. It's his life and he's free to go to college wherever he damn well pleases. What I'm not cool with is the circus he staged to announce his decision:

Nothing that comes from the mouth of a high school recruit will ever surprise me, including the ridiculous stunt that Jheranie Boyd, a wideout from North Carolina, reportedly pulled off Thursday morning. Boyd conducted a choreographed skit in front of his student body, complete with female students wearing sweatshirts from his top choices: Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina State. He introduced each female and told the crowd why he was eliminating each school from his list. Why not Missouri? He didn't like MU's school colors. Wow, sounds like it was a pretty thorough decision process. He finally settled on North Carolina, the one school on his list he didn't see on an official visit. Naturally.

Can we schedule a game against the Tarheels just so I can boo the living hell out of this jackoff? If any high school football players who are considering playing for Mizzou read this blog please understand I'm not writing this because he chose to go somewhere else. This is entirely about the sideshow he decided to put on, which I find to be insulting to the other schools, coaches, fans and the girls wearing the sweatshirts. 

I also understand he's an 18-year-old kid and is probably a fun-loving guy. But I'm a 21-year-old fun-loving guy. Which means I'm not that far removed from being 18. Being young isn't an excuse to be classless.  

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