Get Out the NASCAR Vote

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

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If you had to fill out your cabinet with denizens from NASCAR nation, who would you choose for what position?

Gimme your top five choices and if we like your picks, the good folks at Shell Gasolines will send you a Kevin Harvick bobblehead, just like the one pictured here. Yeah - that’s Happy, really.

I had to do something other than watch the election returns tonight, so here is my Shell Top Five list.

  1.  Secretary of Defense - Think aggressive. Hawkish or kind of war-like maybe? Tony Stewart or Carl Edwards? No; it has to be Jimmy Johnson. Who’s better than the guy who is ready to successfully defend his championship again?
  2. Ambassador to the United Nations - After talking to Max Papis for awhile last week, I’m convinced that nobody in the garage is a better representative for NASCAR to the international community. Of course, he hasn’t raced real close to David Gililand yet. Things could change, right Juan?
  3. Secretary of State - The sport’s chief diplomat has to be Jeff Burton. And he has a sense of humor too.
  4. Treasury Secretary - Show me the money. Dale Earnhardt Jr
  5. Press Secretary - This one was tough, but I’ll take David Poole - if he has the time, that is.

Let me see your list. The bobbleheads are very cool.

The Shell Gasolines’ Top Five of the Week is brought to you by Shell - reminding you to help keep your engines gunk-free and running at their best by using high-quality gasolines like Shell.

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