John Cena: Can't or Won't Wrestle? (The Definitive IWC Encyclopedia)

Hamdi HirzContributor IIJuly 31, 2011

To Wrestle or not to Wrestle... is this the Question?
To Wrestle or not to Wrestle... is this the Question?

The WWE has been around for quite a long, long time; it's been around for so long that my own father used to watch it in the old days.

That said, it means we have gone through so many Eras with at least one wrestler headlining each, such as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Triple-H, and many others.

Each one of them arguably had his game at its top when he had the belt on him. However, does that include one of the most controversial WWE Superstars in my book, namely the face of the PG-Era John Cena?

John Cena commands respect, unlike many others who would go as far as slandering their Co-Workers in what can be called a childish attempt to outshine others.

He is rumored to be the one who asked for Punk to be pushed at the Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View in Chicago. That, if indeed true, would be proof that Cena is 100 times the superstar Hogan ever was.

Let's face it, credit must be given where it's due. Unfortunately, that means that my answer would be a definite no, and before all of you Cenation fans, especially those who may be way past their bedtime, jump on to the comments section and demand the Ban-Hammer be bestowed upon thy Author, I'll kindly ask you to read on before you start asking for my head on a silver tray.

Yes People, its that bad!
Yes People, its that bad!

Cena's been heavily booed almost as much as he's been cheered if not possibly more, the most possible scenario is that with the cheering party being mostly children and women and those engulfed by the world of "kayfabe". And the opposing party, the "booers" being adults, hardcore wrestling fans, and those who "know" that wrestling is scripted.

That said, I didn't go and take a head count from a live audience to say for sure but it makes much more sense than any other distribution when putting in mind the audience targeted by Cena's gimmick. Back to our subject, the main reason he is being booed is summed in one single chant chanted to the Cenation Champion.



 This chant is fueled by the fact that Cena always does his matches the same way, he spends the whole match taking a beating and laying on the ground, possibly after taking a cheap shot from his opponent(s). the match then is suddenly reversed in the favor of Cena as he throws in what his "haters" like to call "The five moves of doom". as the name implies.

Cena proceeds to run at the ropes the moment he deems "his time is now" and proceeds with the following set:

The match that just might change everything!
The match that just might change everything!

1. Flying shoulder block, 2. Sitout hip toss or multiple clotheslines (in the old days), 3. Side release spinout slam, 4. Five Knuckle Shuffle, 5. FU. Some also add the STFU as another and call it the Six Moves of Doom.


Some perfectionists might blame me if I don't mention I took the definition from the urban dictionary, but I'll point out that it doesn't matter because even if I didn't, the definition would be the exact same. That's how repetitive it is; it's actually been like that for years.

Some will argue that all wrestlers end their matches the same way, but then I'll ask "The exact same way for the almost the whole match? And for years at that? Really?" Except for Hogan of course, but you already know that.

It's true that Cena out-performed his act at Money In The Bank; he actually used the top rope more often and even threw in an abdominal stretch! Making now possibly the worst time to write this article given that team Ce-nation just got themselves some fresh tasty ammunition and are praying for the opportunity to unload some at the first site of anything they can call a "Cena-Hater."

However, that doesn't change the fact that it was CM Punk who carried the match, which some may counter-argue by the fact that Punk needed to shine.

Has it been that long already? Time sure flows fast!
Has it been that long already? Time sure flows fast!

Well, Punk is not our focus here, it's Cena. And just because he upped his below average performance, it doesn't mean that everyone should kneel and hail the Cenation Hero and be condemned dare they ask for more.

I'm not the kind of man to take on a losing battle, if you're going to compare Cena's MITB to his below-average in-ring performance during the last couple of years, this means I get to bring up my own comparison as long as it's John Cena related, right?

Well my comparison is totally related as it is a match that Cena himself waged as the underdog and even lost! Yet I still held him in regards higher than I ever did as of late not because he was an underdog, not because he lost, and most definitely not because he was my favorite at the time.

In fact, he was facing one of my top favoured WWE Superstars of all time or my "Fave Five" as Booker T calls it.

I'm thinking Backlash 2003; The day John Cena faced the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar for the title.

I'll ask you to go now and watch this match. Yes, Leave this article right now and go watch it, then come back and continue reading.

The Haven of Lil' Jimmies, Truth Beware!
The Haven of Lil' Jimmies, Truth Beware!

*You go and watch the match, unless you already saw it*


I hope you see my point; Cena threw moves in that match more than he threw in the whole last three years combined! You'll see him throwing a suplex, a body-slam, a top-rope jump, and even a friggin' DDT! When was the last time Cena used a DDT?

And most importantly, Cena was the one carrying the match! When was the last time he did something like that? 

So does the WWE have their champs down their game? It's possible, but even then, they were not, if ever, as bad as Cena is on an almost consistent basis. I'm sure you saw the moves and hits Lesnar threw from time to time, and when I say moves, I mean big, intimidating moves!

Just seeing Lesnar tossing Cena around like a toy asserted Lesnar's dominance as the champ, not to mention he actually knows how to sell something other than merchandise. and never forget that Lesnar had many matches that had lasting effect on anyone who saw them while he was the champ, such as Hell-in-a-Cell with the Undertaker, and his one-hour Iron Man match with Kurt Angle, which was almost non-stop the entire time.

When my father, a fan of Cena who followed wrestling in Hogan and Taker's days where kayfabe was kept in secret, got to see the match at Backlash, he simply said "Cena wrestled in this match better than any other match I got to see him fight!" This should give you at least a hint if not facts.

If you're still going to insist that champs don't carry matches, I'm willing to bet that in this SummerSlam it will be Christian carrying the match even though he's the champ! Keep in mind he's the heel so it won't be clean, especially in a no holds barred match.

But nevertheless, let's compare champions together; remember Capitol Punishment?

Yes, that Capitol Punishment, the one where R-Truth faced Cena for the title. The match they once again shoved the invincible Super-Cena down our throats when Cena essentially spent the whole match taking a "nap" on the floor while Truth threw in some of the most spectacular moves I have ever seen for years (Boy, I had no idea he'll still be adding some more in later matches), only to have the victory handed to Cena by a 'lil' Jimmy'. come on!  

Cena gave him only one Attitude Adjustment and pinned him just like that! Had I been a dedicated Ce-nation fan, I would've taken my Wonder-Woman bracelets to the trash can without a second thought!

So far I have established that Cena is not upping his game.

"Well he did better than usual at MITB, but I personally won't keep my hopes high just in case they shove Super-Cena in our faces again." However, dare I stop here, I know I'll be facing comments like that:

"Leave Cena alone! He's been doing charity work like forever! He does more charity that the entire WWE roster and is a patriot who always does tributes to the soldiers."

And your point is? Last time I checked doing charity and being patriotic doesn't make you a good wrestler, it makes you a good person. And I would never dare deny Cena that because personality wise Cena is up there people. please read the title of my article before posting stuff like that.

"But Hirz, Cena is one of the most dedicated WWE superstars. He never misses a week!"

When you're the face of the company you have to show up every single time. That's a given and is by no means considered dedication. Dedication is by giving it all you've got and improving, not just doing almost the same thing week in and out, that's called settling and letting us all down!

"Cena's good at the mic! And he knows how to wrestle, you've said it yourself about Backlash 2003!"

So what? Being good at the mic makes you good but it is not enough for the top! Cena is extremely good at the mic but he's not doing as well as his thug-onomics days. Understandably because of his current gimmick, but that still leaves much to be desired.

If you can wrestle but choose not to and take the easy way, it means you're under-performing. What's the use of anything you have /can do it if you won't use it?

Again, read the title people!


"WWE for Entertainment, not wrestling!"



"I'd love to see you try what Cena's doing 300 days a year!"

Does that mean I don't get to criticize a restaurant for making horrible meals and bad juice just because I don't work in the business? Any comments like that would be admitting that Cena is under performing and you know he is but fear admitting it just to defend him as your favorite.


"Cena's showing up even when he's dealing with injuries! Leave him alone!"

So take a damn break! The fans are addicted to you like Coke, Cena, I know the ratings will spike when you come back and that would be a win-win situation! and I know there are others who have what it takes to fill in for you (not Orton, of course). And so far I'm not sure he's even injured to begin with.


"Cena's limited by the way they're booking him! He can't do any more than that!"

So people who have less leverage than him can shoot at others during live interviews and call people stupid right in the middle of the ring and go unpunished even when they violate the wellness policy, while Cena can't even put some weight in to give more to the company and the fans, which is actually a good thing?

Let's not fool ourselves; Cena can do more but simply won't, it's his choice and his alone.


 "Forget the Rock, who left us to be some actor and left us again after saying he's never leaving! Forget Lesnar, who sold out! Forget Punk, who's just over-hyped! Cena's the best!"

So the Rock must stay in the WWE and leave the international fame he can gain just to do what he's already done over and over again? Like Cena didn't try acting, and we all know how that went. I'm sure we all know what happens to a wrestler who overshoots his days (Hogan, anyone?)

So Lesnar sold out when he left the chance to be at the top of the WWE? For what? Did they pay him more in Japan or the UFC? Could they have paid him more had he joined the NFL? No way in Hell they could!  

Lesnar left because he wanted to achieve more! And achieve he did! Top of New Japan Pro Wrestling anyone? UFC Heavyweight Champion on his fourth match and undisputed Champion later on only to lose the belt due to illness and possibly a very strong foe! One thing for sure is that he didn't get that UFC belt by "napping" and receiving help from "lil' Jimmy."

As for Punk, let's see, where do I start...other than the fact that this guy can be the face of the WWE! I'll spare the long lines for now as I intend on writing a whole other article on that one! Look forward to it.



 Well hello, Lil' Jimmy, NOW GO TO BED!


 "So seriously, what's your answer? Can Cena wrestle or not?"

I shouldn't even need to answer this one after all that. But I know for sure that Cena can wrestle, you don't just devolve and forget how to DDT someone. which leaves us the obvious choice.  

Cena simply decided to under perform and is taking his crowd for granted, it has nothing to do with him as a person (you can't hate that!), it's just the way it is. Cena just won't wrestle.

I hope I didn't make too much enemies on my first article, but when I do something, I go through all the way. Apologies if it was too long for your tastes. but then again, all the way!

And I'd love to end it by giving credit to John Cena; as a person, this man is worth a 1000 Hogans and Ortons combined if there was ever a number.

I'll be holding Cena to his word as he always says that he embraces his "haters", and I expect no less from his fans! (Except the ones below 13, they were probably asleep when he said that!).

I'll be awaiting you impressions, compliments and flames are welcomed alike, but you'll have to be prepared for the consequences, I sure hope I am.

Have a good day everyone, Hirz out!


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