Ten Players That Are Going to Compete for Next Season's Scoring Title

Tarik MowattContributor IIIJuly 31, 2011

Ten Players That Are Going to Compete for Next Season's Scoring Title

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    For the past two seasons, Kevin Durant has been the king of scoring in the NBA. He's one of most entertaining and best offensive talents the league has to offer. Even though his offensive talent is undeniable, he is by no means guaranteed a third consecutive scoring title. There are plenty of other players in the league that can easily compete for this season's scoring title.


    So, who else will be competing with Durant for a scoring title? Here are the ten most likely candidates for next season's scoring title.

Honarary Mention: 11.Dwight Howard

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    Dwight just missed the top 10. The big man will probably win his fourth straight defensive player of the year award, and be strongly considered for the MVP award. He will also increase his scoring thanks to a growing post game, however he'll be edged out thanks to this next player improving his game.

    Even though he won't be in the top 10, it doesn't mean that he won't go off for 30+ points if given the chance.

10. Russell Westbrook

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    Russell is often critized for shooting way too often. This coming season he'll focus his play on creating for others, but he'll also increase his scoring by taking smarter shots. He'll increase his scoring just enough to keep Dwight out of the top ten, still his biggest improvement won't come from his scoring, but his decision making.

9. Blake Griffin

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    At number nine we have Blake Griffin, who was the 12th leading scorer last season. He could be higher on the list, but Eric Gordon and the rest of the young Clippers will develop offensively. Blake will probably never win a scoring title because of the development of Eric Gordon, and other young developing offensive talents, but like Dwight, you shouldn't take him lightly, he can go off for 30+ if you give him a chance.

8. Amare Stoudemire

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    Amare was the sixth leading scorer this past season. However, he'll slip this season, not because of him regressing, but because of his role on the team changing. Make no mistake, the Knicks are Amare's team, but his role in scoring will be reduced. Amare will be the leader the team without leading the team in scoring.

7. Kevin Martin

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    The former ninth leading scorer will have his best season yet with the Houston Rockets. He may be able to become a top five scorer after this coming season. For this season though, he'll settle for the seven spot. Luckily for Martin, the guy ahead of him may not be able to keep his spot after this coming season.

6. Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe was the fifth leading scorer last season, he'll regress as time goes on, but he won't fall of the map just yet. He may not be the best player in the league anymore, but this is a guy you should never count out of the game.

    Sadly though, in two years or so, I think Kobe may slip out of the top 10 completely. Until we reach that situation, let's see what Kobe does in the offensive system of the new coach for the Lakers.

5. Derrick Rose

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    Last season, Rose was the only point guard in the top 10 scorers in the league. This season, He'll be joined by Westbrook in the top 10, but Rose will still reign as the best scoring point guard. He was only 0.2 behind Kobe in scoring last season, so him taking the five spot shouldn't be too much of a revelation. On Derrick Rose, I think it's obvious why he scores so much. It's definitely the mustache.

    Seriously though, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins a scoring title or two later on. For now, he'll be the gate keeper for the top five.

4. Dwyane Wade

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    Lebron or no Lebron, Wade is still one of the league's deadliest scorers. He was behind LeBron in scoring my nearly a point last season, and(Spoiler alert) he will still be right below Lebron in this coming season. That shouldn't take away from Wade at all though.

    Two of the best players in the league on the same team, and both are in the top five in scoring. Wade is a nightly threat for scoring, and he probably will stay that way until his twilight years.

3. Lebron James

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    I know, I know, why is he third and not second or first? I have my reasons. Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers(if he stays) are going to get a better offensive role this coming season, and with that, LeBron is going to fall to the number three spot. Like Wade, this takes nothing away from LeBron's game, he is the best player in the league, and he had the most points in a game last season with 54 against the Orlando Magic. When LeBron gets hot, I feel sorry for the guy guarding him.

    He may have to settle for the third spot, but he isn't going to lose by a lot. It's going to be a close race between the top three. The number two guy will pass Lebron by about half a point or so.

2. Kevin Durant

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    Why second? It's not Kevin Durant's fault, he's still a premier offensive talent. Serge Ibaka, and James Harden will be getting a larger offensive role on the Thunder. Make no mistake, he's still the best player on the Thunder, and deserves consideration for the MVP.

    He's still going to get his, and he's probably the biggest scoring threat in the NBA. Durant is going to have to settle for second as the rest of his team develops, as he gets edged out by the number one scorer in the league...

1. Carmelo Anthony

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    Surprised? Don't be. Carmelo is in a system that compliments his talents, and with the Knicks growing closer as a team since the trade. The Knicks are going to be the highest scoring team in the league next season. At the top of it all will be Carmelo, not by a huge amount. But enough to get by Kevin Durant and Lebron James. Carmelo is a lot like Kevin Durant in the respect that, they can both shoot lights out.

    Carmelo will get the nod over Durant for the scoring title in a close race between him, Durant, and LeBron. Carmelo will score just under a point more than Durant for the scoring title.

Your Thoughts? and Thanks for Reading

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    Did I miss anyone? I know I missed Ellis for this list. However, I also wanted to add in Russel and Dwight, and in the end I took him out. So, I'll ask you, the reader, where would you put Ellis? In the honorary spot? the top 10? The top five? Number one? Post a comment and share your opinion!


    I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.