TNA: Worst Gimmicks in the Company Today

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2011

TNA: Worst Gimmicks in the Company Today

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    Some gimmicks are great. They are remembered fondly and often inspire similar gimmicks that can be as equally memorable (i.e. "The Rattlesnake" inspiring "The Viper"). People love the great gimmicks, and they get the biggest cheers.

    Then we get the stinkers. Gimmicks that plain suck.

    Whether it be, "T.L. Hopper," "Simon Dean," " 3 Count" or the pictured, "Shockmaster." They are hardly remembered, and if they are, it is by super-marks or as a punchline.

    TNA currently has a few of those gimmicks, like these... 


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    His gimmick as a tough Mexican gangster type is not a bad one, if played by the right person (Homicide, Konnan), but when it is played by Anarquia, it sucks.

    What makes it so terrible is how he plays it. The main rap against him is that he doesn't have a good, or even bad, accent. It is terrible! I have never heard a worst accent in history, and he is supposed to be from L.A.

    I swear that Helen Keller could pull off a better accent. I know it may seem that I am stressing this too much, but you expect a Mexican to sound half-Mexican. Also, the stable itself is not good, which hurts his standing.

Eric Young

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    I am a huge fan of Eric Young, the wrestler. He can go, and if it were not for the gimmicks he has had, he would be a main-eventer.

    Remember him with World Elite? The Band?

    Now he is playing a mentally challenged gimmick, which is always terrible. But what makes this worse than the Evad Sullivan, Festus or Eugene gimmicks of the past is that he is taking a title, once held by Booker T and AJ Styles, into nothing.

    This gimmick is just plain terrible. Most people hate the comedy he does, and we know he can do better, so it earned a spot on this list.


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    Some of you may have forgotten about him, but he is still around.

    To be honest, the only time I cared for him was with his feud with Motor City Machine Guns when they tried to prove he was Christopher Daniels.

    His gimmick is terrible, because, in essence, he doesn't have one. He is a video game character brought to life and... that's it. We almost never hear him speak, he can show no personality. He has nothing.

    It doesn't matter if he is a good wrestler—he has a horrible gimmick.


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    Why the picture of the bunny? I thought we needed to lighten things up a bit. And showing you a picture of Murphy would not help you remember him.

    He was the guy that teamed with Gunner and in a match with Rob Terry was called terrible by Eric Bischoff. He is still employed somehow. I do not imagine it being for much longer.

    And his gimmick? A tough security guard who is not tough and not a good guard. He is just boring. He makes Lance Storm look like he has Chris Jericho's personality.

    Just saying...

Scott Steiner

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    His gimmick is loud and annoying right now, yelling at people and saying that he will be with his competitors woman.

    It is an easy gimmick, but Steiner is 49. He can't play it. Also, nobody can respect him as a competitor, which is beyond heel or face.

    He deserves to be on the list.

Robbie E. and Cookie

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    It is an rip-off of Jersey Shore, a terrible show, and they haven't added their touch to the gimmick to make it any better. It is trying to do an impossible crossover, and has no long term future.

    It is the worst gimmick in TNA today.

Final Thoughts

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    So there they are, my opinion of the worst gimmicks in TNA. The key words are my opinion. Others will disagree, and I understand that. So, in my final thoughts, I will throw out a few names and why they are not on the list.

    1. Sting: Many think his gimmick right now of Joker is horrible, but i disagree. It may be extreme, but I think it achieves its purpose, and lets Sting try out a new identity that is normally not him.
    2. Shannon Moore: And his book of Dilligaf. I nearly put it on the list, but it wasn't off enough to say it is the worst, and the rest of his gimmick works when he is in Ink Inc.
    3. Brian Kendrick: I like the gimmick myself, but it definitely needs refining. If he tones it down, and goes for logical instead of illogical philosopher, it will work.

    Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the Voice.