WWE Panorama: Discussing CM Punk, Stone Cold, Attitude Era and Reality Era

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WWE Panorama: Discussing CM Punk, Stone Cold, Attitude Era and Reality Era

WWE CvC 2.0 Final round: Chinmay vs. RiZE

Topic: Why CM Punk and the TV-PG (Reality) Era Are Better than Stone Cold and the TV-14 Era

It has been some time since WWE has acknowledged the dawn of a new era. CM Punk has christened it as “the Reality Era."

So far, during the short life of the new era, we have witnessed some of the best episodes of Raw in a long time. We were treated to an amazing Money in the Bank pay-per-view in the last month, and on this Sunday, the SummerSlam delivered a great show as well.

The central theme of the new era has been “real” and “controversial” programming with “wrestling” put in firm focus. It has been enhanced in effect through the efficient use of social media. Edgy characters, swerves and unpredictability have surely got all of us hooked. The anticipation, which we were missing not so long ago, is back.

In such a scenario, the comparison of the new era with the absolute peak period of the business, the Attitude Era, is inevitable. Considering the similarities these two eras share, starting from their flag-bearers, Stone Cold and CM Punk, such comparison is not a stretch by any means.

However, here I will not only compare two eras, but I will try to explore whether Reality Era could be better than Attitude Era, and if CM Punk could in any way be better than Steve Austin.

Hence, in order to analyze these two epic prospects appropriately, I will deal with the subjects in three stages.

1. The parallels between Attitude Era and Reality Era

2. Is CM punk better than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin?

3. Advantages Reality Era holds over the Attitude Era

Now, after such heavy ado, let the ride begin.

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