MLB Trade News: More Johan Santana Rumors

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2008

Johan Santana has been a hot topic since the winter meetings started.  No offer has been accepted, but a trade could come very soon.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Minnesota Twins could soon ask for the final offers from all three teams.  This could mean that a Santana trade could happen sooner than once thought. At the moment, the Red Sox, Mets and the Yankees are all in the race for Santana.

The New York Post reports that a Santana trade is imminent and that the Mets have a slight edge.  This could come as a disappointment to many Red Sox fans but look on the bright side; they don't have to give up Ellsbury.

The Post also reports that the Yankees and Red Sox are still quietly lurking in the shadows.  This could mean that the Sox and Yankees have as much of a chance as the Mets.

Both the Tribune and the Post say that a Santana trade could come within days.  This should be an interesting week in sports and for the fans of these teams.