Liverpool Transfer Rumours: Are Reds Finished in the Transfer Window?

Neil HarperCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2011

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 03:  Kenny Dalglish the manager of Liverpool stands between his new signings, Andy Carroll (l) and Luis Suarez (r) during a photocall at Anfield on February 3, 2011 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Yes, hello I'm back from my short holiday hiatus, and I've come back with a sense of dread for work, no sun tan and the surprise that Liverpool have not bought anyone.

As far as I know, they have not even been linked with anyone (don't quote me on this, I have been in a limited-Internet zone) since Monday at least, and although that is a good idea for the squad to settle without any more additions, I still think the squad is lacking. So my question: with 15 days until the new season begins, have Liverpool finished wheeling and dealing for new players?

In Liverpool's four friendlies thus far, they've conceded at least three goals in each and although in two of them they've scored more and they've not fielded a full-strength team in any of them, this still concerns me a bit.

I know, I know they're only friendlies and they don't really mean anything, but conceding three goals in consecutive games must ring some alarm bells. What I'm going on about here is the defensive problem that Liverpool currently have. OK, it's not really a problem, but if Liverpool had a left back I'd feel a lot better.

At the moment Liverpool have three: Fabio Aurelio, Emiliano Insua and Jack Robinson. Aurelio is almost cursed with constant injury, Robinson is still learning at this level, which is fine (I'd love to see him get a game here or there but he's nowhere near ready for a full season), which leaves Insua. Although I think he's quite a good left-back, I don't think he's good enough for the first team.

So there's one player Liverpool can afford to keep a look out for because a quality left back will help the structure of the team, but so far I can't really think of anyone. Baines is most definitely out, the same story with Bale. It seems that the left-back hunt has got go abroad, which is fine. I'm just hoping sooner rather than later, then Liverpool can focus on settling the squad and gearing up to the new season.

Of course, I am expecting a few players to leave before the end of the transfer window but none that really will change the shape of the existing team, and no one that hasn't already been linked with a move away. I must say if Raul Meireles does leave, it'll be a major blow. He was one of the few stars in an otherwise disappointing season and it'd be a shame to let him go after only one season.

However, I do also need to say that if Liverpool have ended their business in the transfer market, I don't think I'd be too upset. They have enough players to work around the left-back shortage, maybe even a change in formation. It might be worth a try, and if not, Johnson worked well there last season. Even it's not his better side, Liverpool have enough right-backs for that to work.

Anyway, I do think Liverpool have a pretty good setup at the moment and don't really need to dip into the transfer market again. However, with a few sales of surplus players (Poulsen, Jovanovic, Jones, Degen—the list goes on) then I can see another player or two coming in to the team. As long as it's not Jose Enrique. Anyone but him.

And feel free to comment to that effect, any players you want to see come into the team, leave the team or just any general comment on this topic.

I've been me, you've been you and thanks for reading (I really need a better ending sentence).