Michigan Football: Kyle Kalis Spurns Ohio State and Commits to Michigan

FancloudContributor IIIJuly 29, 2011

Ohio State's troubles are doing wonders for University of Michigan recruiting. Earlier today, Kyle Kalis withdrew his commitment to the Ohio State Buckeyes and committed to the Michigan Wolverines.

Kalis, who is ranked as Prepstar.com's No. 23 prospect for 2012, is the highest-ranked recruit in Brady Hoke's first year with the Wolverines.

There is no doubt that Ohio State's recruiting violations were the driving force behind Kalis' decision to decommit the Buckeyes.

"I can't go there and take penalties for something I never did," Kalis told ESPN.com on Monday. "Ohio State is a great program. I'm just not sure how long it will take them to recover. I want a solid, grounded coaching staff with a safe environment. Where there aren't such tough questions."

Brady Hoke is getting credit with the heist of Kalis from Michigan's archival, Ohio State.
"He is the type of guy I want to play for," Kalis told ESPN.com. "(Hoke) has an incredible amount of passion. I believe the Michigan-Ohio border is now open. I think you're going to see eight or nine guys from the state of Ohio going over to Michigan this year."

Kalis, the 5-star recruit, could be the only Buckeyes recruit to jump ship to Michigan. With that being said, there is reason to worry in Columbus. Players like Kalis don't come around very often. His decision to withdraw from his commitment to Ohio State is a very bad sign for the Buckeyes' future ability to recruit and sign the top talent in the country.