Who Better to Explain the Brady Quinn Start than Jose Canseco

Sam JonesContributor INovember 6, 2008

Brady Quinn, the face of the Cleveland Browns franchise is slated to taking snaps in tonight's showdown against the Denver Broncos. But what exactly do the Browns have to gain by starting by the untested soph, besides appeasing a raucous dog pound?

For an explanation look no further than the Jose Canseco method of attracting the media spotlight.

Jose Canseco, basically banished to the far reaches of the Golden League after a failed run at 500, needed the spotlight. He craved it. So what did he do? He wrote a tell-all book. Suddenly the sports world was abuzz over steroid stories and fantasies of bathroom stalls crammed with him and McGuire. When the spotlight started to fade, he got right back on his horse and wrote another book. When that was a miserable flop, he employed every attention-grabbing tactic he could envision to continue to flicker across the bottom of ESPN, including getting arrested for more steroids for his celebrity boxing foray versus that Danny Bonaduce.

What does Jose Canseco have to do with the Browns? Well in the off-season Phil Savage & Co. seemingly duped everyone into believing they were suddenly going to challenge for the AFC crown. With pick-ups of Donte Stallworth and Shaun Rogers, this team was suddenly the sexy pick of primetime football - which help explain tonight's Thursday night showdown. It was a spread offence, albeit a successful one, translated to the pro game. Heath Shuler where you at?

But suddenly Derek Anderson refused to complete a pass, Braylon Edwards  to catch one, and this team was suddenly losing viewers to Family Guy reruns (which, I should note I'm a huge fan of but even after seeing the chicken fights a second time, it's enough to flip the channel).

Giving the starting nod to Quinn has renewed interest in this team. With the benefit of playing the short week, the Browns were able to maximize the hype and get everyone talking about this team again. All eyes are on Thursday night, the weekend is still a mile away

And if/when Quinn should flop, then fire the coach. Do whatever you can do to keep grabbing the national attention, because this team is not winning games anytime soon.