UFC 133: Tito Ortiz May Stage the Greatest Comeback in MMA History Since Couture

Ron Jayson TimbangContributor IIIJuly 29, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MAY 28: Tito Ortiz participates in the IZOD Celebrity Invitational golf tournament on May 28, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images for MATTER)
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

UFC 133 will feature a main-event bout between two former light heavyweight champions, Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz. The winner of the bout will surely climb up the ranking and be "in the mix" for the next title shot.

But more interestingly, if Ortiz wins, this could be considered as possibly the greatest comeback in MMA history since Randy Couture regained the heavyweight strap and surprised the world by defeating Tim Sylvia four years ago. 

Ortiz is considered as one of the icons of the sports of MMA. Nonetheless, his popularity took a hit when he lost four of his last five fights in the UFC before his battle against Ryan Bader at UFC 132.

But when he defeated Bader, fans of the "old school" MMA suddenly cheered for him once again. The stadium in Las Vegas rocked when they finally witnessed Ortiz's signature grave-digger celebration after five years.

If Ortiz wins against Evans, it would be safe to assume that he might walk on the road that Couture took when he made a comeback in the UFC. Both are icons of the sports and has the name popularity that can stream roll them into title shots.

Surely, if Ortiz emerge victorious, he is just one or two steps away from regaining the belt. 

Another important factor to be considered is the fact that Ortiz is only 36 years old. If he is really like Couture, he might just be entering the prime of his career at this point in time.