Suns, Warriors Trade That Might Make Sense.

robert stevensonContributor INovember 6, 2008

I just read a report on about the Suns and the age concern they have.

Then I thought about how they could be improved through a trade.

I thought I would throw one out there for debate because it makes sense to me.

How about Diaw and Barbosa to the Warriors for Harrington and one of either Marco Belinelli, Anthony Randolph or Brandan Wright to the Suns.

I thought this would work because Nellie would love Diaw's versatility, the improved play when he starts and Barbosa's speed and scoring ability off the bench.

The Suns would love Harrington's Scoring, rebounding, deep shooting and I'm assuming new motivation in a new situation, plus the bench would get a boost with either of the players mentioned above.

Both these young guys bring different aspects that are appealing. Belinelli can shoot the lights out and has great handle, Randolph is the pogo stick athlete Nash could throw lobs too when stat gets a blow (plus he can score on his own) and Wright strikes me as similar to Lamarcus Aldridge when he plays (rarely).

There is the issue of salaries and I have NO idea if there compatible but I just thought I would stir the paint and see what colour we come up with.