Florida Gators' Journey to The BCS?: Looking In From The Outside

Justin ThomasContributor INovember 6, 2008

In the picture above you see a team with the power to control their own destiny. They are currently looking at the BCS Championship from the outside. If the season ended today, the results would come down to one extra point on a September afternoon.

As for now, though, the Gators are pouring it on opponents. They look so dominate that no one could stop them right now.

In the past three games they have scored a combined 163 points while holding their opponents to only 36.

Not impressed? The first team was LSU (No.3 at the time), the second team was Kentucky—the SEC's top-rated defense (only allowing 12 points per game)—and the third team was preseason No.1 Georgia.

This dominance is Florida's ticket to the BCS championship. Truly, they have no room for error or even close games. They have to impress voters to reach the No.2 spot in the BCS.

They also need a lot of help. Remember 2006?

The gators need Penn State to slip up, which could be possible against Iowa this week.

We all know the voters will not mess over Joe Pa's crew (especially after what happened years ago in one of his undefeated seasons).

Also, Texas Tech, who probably won't run the table, has to lose one and win one just for good measure. They need to lose to Oklahoma State this weekend and beat Oklahoma in three weeks.

This basically takes Tech out of it, and definitely puts Oklahoma out of the running.

Texas needs to play close games with their opponents for the rest of the season so that they are not highly impressive enough to bump up in the standings.

Alabama, is a tough team but I bet they will lose a game before the SEC Championship. It will probably be against LSU this weekend or Auburn. Those are trap games, as both teams need redemption for their seasons.

With all this help, Florida can make it to the national championship.

First things first though, they must take care of their own business and win big being impressive every week starting with Vanderbilt this week.

Go Gators!