Super Bowl XLII: Giants Have No Chance Because Patriots Cheat

chuck dunningtonCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2016

The reason the Patriots will win Super Bowl XLII is because the referees are on their side.

Just take a look at every game they should have lost.  For example, the Pats earned the win as a result of the ref's rulings.  

The Patriots were picked to win it all right after they "cheated" to beat the New York Jets. 

Call it prejudice against the Pats—or whatever you want—but I call it how I see it-and how it is.

Because they cheated, New England should have had their win against the Jets called a loss.  A fine is just the easy way out, and in no way did it hurt the Pats or Bellichick who paid just pocket change.

I know who will win and why.  Don't believe me?  Watch the Super Bowl.