Pittsburgh Pirates: 6 Untouchable Prospects Who Won't Be Traded

Evan LaFranceContributor IIIJuly 29, 2011

Pittsburgh Pirates: 6 Untouchable Prospects Who Won't Be Traded

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    With the trade deadline approaching, many await the chance to see a new face in a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform. The Pirates are still in contention for the NL Central division title and trail the Milwaukee Brewers by a game and a half. A new guy in the clubhouse is probably necessary to keep this team in the hunt.

    Carlos Beltran has been traded to the Giants, but plenty of high-caliber players could be potential great fits for this ball club. To get major league-ready talent, a team must have good prospects to deal in return.

    Unless a mega-deal is pulled off with another team, these are the prospects in the Pirates farm league who have virtually no shot of moving.

6. Tony Sanchez

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    The Pirates have certainly had their fair share of catching woes. Both Ryan Doumit and Chris Snyder are currently on the disabled list, and rookie Mike McKenry is currently working the plate. As much as I love the guy, he's not the catcher of the future.

    Tony Sanchez, the Pirates first-round selection in the 2009 draft, has been ranked in the top 50 prospects in the league. His stats are less than stellar this year, but hopefully Sanchez could wind up as a top catcher in the league.

5. Alex Presley

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    What a surprise this kid has been this year.

    Presley is not in the minors like everyone else on this list, but he was for most of the season. He was voted onto the International League All-Star team but was ruled ineligible because of his status on a major league roster.

    I'm not completely sold that Presley is a player the Pirates can count on for years to come, but he sure has been a spark for the team this year. When he returns from the disabled list, expect Presley to continue playing well. He has too much value to be traded now.

4. Starling Marte

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    Trade speculation has been very high for Marte the past couple of weeks, especially when he was pulled from a game a few days ago.

    Marte has increased his stock this year. If there's anybody who is expected to join Andrew McCutchen and Jose Tabata in the outfield long term, it's this guy.

    Word on the street is that many teams in the league covet the young outfielder. If the Pirates are going to pull off a huge deal at the deadline, expect Marte to be included. Since I personally don't believe Hunter Pence or anyone of that caliber is coming to the Bucs, I fully expect to see Marte remain in a Pittsburgh uni for now.

    And that's a very good thing.

3. Luis Heredia

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    There hasn't been a lot of talk about this young pitcher. He flies below the casual fans radar.

    The reason: Heredia is only 16 years old.

    The Pirates finally got back into the Latin American market while searching for young talent and what a player they got. Heredia has a cannon for an arm, and he still has plenty of time to grow and mature. While we won't see him in the big leagues for some time, one day this kid will be special.

    There isn't a worthy deal out there that could pry Heredia away from Pittsburgh.


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2. Stetson Allie

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    Stetson Allie is widely considered the Pirates second-best prospect. I personally think Heredia will turn out to be the better player, but for now Allie gets the nod.

    Allie's fastball is wicked. It has reached triple digits at times and normally hangs around the mid-nineties. Not bad, right?

    The young pitcher has struggled a bit this year, but it's expected for young guys to go through some growing pains. There is no shot whatsoever that Allie gets traded. The organization has high hopes he will end up as a pitcher on the team for years to come.


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1. Jameson Taillon

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    Was there any other player you'd expect here?

    Jameson Taillon has a boatload of talent. His fastball is electric, and his other pitches are developing nicely in the minors.

    The organization is being very careful with this kid. He hasn't pitched more than five innings in a game yet. His stuff is very raw, but in time, Taillon will be very reliable. He is a star in the making and the future of the Pirates' pitching staff.

    While the team hopes Taillon can be the first real ace since Doug Drabek in the 1990s, there is no deal that could pry him away from Pittsburgh's hands.

    Agree or disagree? Thoughts or comments? Leave them below!


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