Who Can Turn Tennessee's Struggling Offense Around?

Dusty FloydCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

Tennessee's offense sure has struggled this year. The main reason? The lack of any star power. Their best returning player on offense is running back Arian Foster, who has only rushed for 458 yards this year. 

Then there's this Eric Berry kid. He's an amazing athlete, starring at safety with the defense. On the year, he has six interceptions, averaging over 36 yards on each interception return, and he took one of those all the way back for a touchdown.

He has already set the SEC career record for interception return yards and is on his way to breaking the NCAA record by the end of this season. Oh yeah, did I mention that he's only a sophomore?

Tennessee has not had a consistent quarterback this year either. Jonathan Crompton was the quarterback to start the season, but at about midseason the Vols brought in their backup, Nick Stephens, who hasn't done much better.

Eric Berry played quarterback during most of his high school career and had a lot of success. Tennessee should at least try him out at quarterback. Eric Berry even said in an interview that he'd love to try out the offense.

After the past few games, the coaches have said they'd try him out on punt returns and kick returns, but I think that was just to make the fans shut up. They've only let him return two kickoffs.

Eric Berry is just amazing in the open field, as you can see on his interception returns. I'm sure that if Phillip Fulmer would just put him on offense when he's not too tired, Fulmer would get some big wins to finish out his career.