Brendan Shanahan Would Be a Perfect Fit for the Philadelphia Flyers

Michael JohenningContributor INovember 6, 2008

The Philadelphia Flyers lead the NHL in GFA (goals per game) with 3.90, so it's not apparent that their offense is misfiring any.

So why is there a need by management to upgrade their attackers?

The problem is the Flyers are getting a little TOO offense-happy, and aren't coming back down the other end to play some defense.

Flyers' GM Paul Holmgren has stated that he is "tired of seeing their butts as they try to rush back on defense," and the Flyers young defensive corps has quickly become outnumbered and over matched.

The Flyers also lead the league in short-handed goals, another big sign that the offense has become too scoring-happy and not defensively savvy.

A pickup of former Ranger Brendan Shanahan could help with this problem. A legendary two-way veteran, Shanahan can help head coach John Stevens get his point across to the young Flyers offense.

The Flyers are just way too young right now to take care of the problem themselves—heck, their captain, Mike Richards, is only 23.

So I want Flyers fans to start thinking that getting Shanahan is a done deal. He said he wants to stay close to his home in New York, and Philadelphia is a 90-mile car ride away. A little space would be needed to make room under the dumb salary cap, but Shanahan may be only looking for the bargain-basement price of $800,000.

Shanahan in the orange and black by the end of the week. Believe it.