How the New York Jets' 2011 Draft Picks Fit in With the Team

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IIJuly 29, 2011

How the New York Jets' 2011 Draft Picks Fit in With the Team

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    The Jets' 2011 draft picks are intriguing to put it gently.  

    WR Scotty McKnight is a close friend of Mark Sanchez, Muhammad Wilkerson is a little risky coming out of a small school and Kenrick Ellis is pending the verdict of an assault trial, and reportedly, if he's convicted, he'll be deported.  

    That's just the start.  I haven't even gone into how they can help the Jets get over the hump or how they can send them a step backwards.  

    Highlight videos await.  

Muhammad Wilkerson

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    Wilkerson is a high risk, high reward guy.  He has absurd size at 6'5", 305 and is a true athlete.  

    At the same time, he played at a relatively small school in Temple, against weak competition.  

    Wilkerson plays a position of need for the Jets.  He posseses the rare combination of skills necessary for a 3-4 DE who can play both the run and the pass.  He played defensive tackle in college, but he will likely be used as a defensive end in the Jet's scheme.  

    Wilkerson is the player who has the ability to have the most dramatic impact on the Jets season.  If he can generate a consistent presence as a pass-rusher, the Jets defense will be better than ever before.

    Wilkerson playing well combined with the possibility of Nnamdi Asomugha joining the Jets is almost laughable.  

    Muhammad Wilkerson is the Jets most important rookie.  

Kenrick Ellis

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    Kenrick Ellis is the wild card of the Jets rookie class. 

    He has enormous athletic ability and is a physical force.  However, he has had some legal troubles in the past.  He was also booted off the team at South Carolina under Spurrier. There's no doubt he is a big risk, but that speaks to his tremendous talent.  

    The Jets front office say they're comfortable with their pick, so only time will tell.

    If Ellis can contribute along with first-round pick Muhammad Wilkerson, the Jets would have a monstrous young defensive line.  

Bilal Powell

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    Bilal Powell is under a lot of people's radar.  After some inconsistency, he had an impressive senior season.  Powell ran for 1,400 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Those are pretty serious stats in college, especially on a bad team.  

    Powell's immediate impact is likely to be minimal.  The Jets already have three talented backs fighting for the rock.  This will allow Powell to develop without any pressure, in an offense where his skills can be used most effectively.

    He's a perfect fit for the Jets, he's a powerful runner who gets north and south with a pretty good burst through the hole.  

    The rest is up to the Jets' coaching staff. 

Scotty McKnight

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    Yeah, Scotty McKnight is Mark Sanchez's buddy. Plus, he's got Brody Jenner flow. 

    Regardless, the dude can play.  He's quick, runs good routes and has the pure hands of a true receiver. His relationship with Sanchez can only help his development.  

    That being said, he is a work in progress, and he might not make an impact right away.  

    If he can continue to get better and has the drive to be great, McKnight could turn into a receiver in the mold of Wes Welker.  A guy who runs precision routes, has security blanket hands and does the dirty work underneath the coverage.

Jeremy Kerley

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    Jeremy Kerley is the ideal slot receiver.  Think Percy Harvin and his running back like ability in the open field.  Then think about Santonio Holmes teaching him the tricks of the trade, Kerley can only improve upon his skills.  

    He's not under any pressure to immediately perform.  Although, he may get more playing time than expected if the Jets don't re-sign Braylon Edwards, especially after losing Brad Smith to the Bills.  

    Kerley can also compete for time in the return game, another void that was created with Smith's departure. 

    If Kerley reps the Horned Frogs, contributes as a third or fourth receiever and a returner, it will go a long way toward filling Brad Smith's void, while adding firepower to an already potent offense.  

Greg McElroy

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    Sanchez has a pretty good lock on the starting QB spot in New York for a little while, so McElroy isn't going to be making plays on the field any time soon.  

    Even so, for a seventh-round pick he's a a good pickup.  He had the highest score on the test given to quarterbacks at the NFL combine and will be a good presence in the meeting rooms and the practice field.

    McElroy can develop into the ideal NFL backup. He's smart, motivated and a team-first kind of player.  

    There's even the chance he turns into more than that.  It never hurts to have winners on your team, and if nothing else, he's a winner.